Mortality Composting

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  • Mortality Composters
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    Mortality Composters

    By Ballagh Liquid Technologies Inc.

    Depending on needs, the composter may produce mature compost according to effective standards or be used as first-phase composting for stabilizing organic material. In this last case, the composter enables optimal ...

  • Composting Vessel for Enhanced Bio-Security
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    Composting Vessel for Enhanced Bio-Security

    By Triple Green Energy

    Our BioRoter is a proven alternative to traditional mortality management methods. It provides a cost-efficient and environmentally sound solution to mortality management, reducing biosecurity risks and reducing many of ...

  • Portable Choppers
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    Portable Choppers

    By Patz Corporation

    Patented unique, one-piece, four-point, reversible Quadra-Shark® blade is designed for chopping and long life. Available in portable, stationary with bottom discharge, stationary chopper with blower, and 3-point ...

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  • Rotary Composters, LLC

    Rotary Composters, LLC

    The Rotoposter concept was formed when two of the founders needed to find an environmentally acceptable option for swine mortality from their ...

  • Tri-Form Poly, Inc.

    Tri-Form Poly, Inc.

    Ecodrum™ is the leading brand of in-vessel mortality composting equipment, relied on by poultry, turkey, and hog producers since 2007. Tri-Form Poly ...