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  • Mycotoxin Control  Spectrum Mixture
    Showcase Product

    Mycotoxin Control Spectrum Mixture

    By Innovad

    ESCENT  S is a wide spectrum mycotoxin control program and liver protection package combined with a professional risk assessment service. It is a well-researched complex of different active ingredients ensuring ...

  • Grain Storage Silo
    Showcase Product

    Grain Storage Silo

    By CJSC SelEnergo

    Production of grain storage silos is the main activity of CJSC «SelEnergo» today. Our company manufactures silos of any size, with flat and cone bottoms (up to 1000 MT (metric tonne) with a bulk density of ...

  • Concrete Slotted Floors
    Showcase Product

    Concrete Slotted Floors

    By Variant Factory Ltd.

    Concrete floors are designed for high loads (about 600kg per 1m2) so they are used to equip the facilities for single sows in farrow groups and separately as well as for pigs in fattening. They cannot be used in breed ...

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  • /files/62670/publications/47781/book5.jpg

    Professione Suinicoltore

    Professione Suinicoltore is a technical monthly magazine for pig breeders. It focuses on nutrition, genetics, management and technologies, also ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Bauer Technics a.s.

    Bauer Technics a.s.

    BAUER TECHNICS is the worldwide leader in the design and implementation of turnkey farms. For successful development of the company we use the latest ...

  • Schippers UK Ltd.

    Schippers UK Ltd.

    The Schippers Group is an innovative, international marketing organization for professional livestock farmers. Schippers is a family run business ...

  • Mosegården A/S

    Mosegården A/S

    We base our guiding on your farm, together we modify precisely the feed supplements and techniques that can optimize your production and increase the ...

  • FARMTEC a.s.

    FARMTEC a.s.

    FARMTEC has been operating in the market since 1996. During this time it has been gradually expanded to its present form. Now FARMTEC is a strong and ...

  • Rota Guido Srl

    Rota Guido Srl

    Rota Guido has been active in animal husbandry world for 50 years. Its experience and its innovative technologies have always been aimed at the ...