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  • Machines for Group Sows Management
    Showcase Product

    Machines for Group Sows Management

    By Variant Factory Ltd.

    Wall frames and machine gates are made of steel electrically welded pipes 42x3 and transverse pipes are made of electrically welded pipes 25x1,5. All open ends of the pipes are closed with plastic plugs. The pin is made ...

  • Dry Feeders
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    Dry Feeders

    By Domino A/S

    Many pig breeders consider keeping water and feed separately the best solution. This type of feeder can be used for almost any kind of feed. Two versions are available: The FR-H and F-H feeders ...


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    Professione Suinicoltore

    Professione Suinicoltore is a technical monthly magazine for pig breeders. It focuses on nutrition, genetics, management and technologies, also ...