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  • Carthage System Upgrades Feeding Technology to Gestal

    High Power Pork LLC., a 6000-head Carthage System sow farm, has recently undergone conversion from a conventional European-style electronic sow feeding system to the Gestal 3G free-access feeding system and is therefore announcing a group-housing retrofit with Jyga Technologies, manufacturer of Gestal.Since its establishment in 2010, the farm has used pen housing. The original open pen system at ...

  • 4 Common Livestock Stressors (and Solutions!)

    Stress occurs when animals are in situations that release their emergency signals for survival, which can be either physiological, behavioral, or physical elements – these situations are called ...


  • EuroTier 2018

    Digitisation is also increasingly gaining ground in agriculture in parallel with automation. One company at the leading edge of development in these fields and as rich in innovation as it is in tradition is Prüllage Systeme of Holdorf in Lower ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Groups Feeding Systems

    Groups Feeding Systems

    The concept being the housing of sows in small groups and feeding a predetermined amount of feed, delivered simultaneously to all sows over a set period of time. One group of sows can be fed a different quantity of feed per sow to those in another group. However, within the group, the amount dispensed to each sow place is the same. The system is predominantly straw based with sows grouped ...