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  • Swine Production Challenges: How to Select Farm Equipments

    Swine Production Challenges: How to Select Farm Equipments

    Choosing the right equipment for your pig farms can be hard. There are many options and they pretty much all look the same until you get to the price. How can you be sure you get the best equipment for the money you are willing to invest? The owners of Jyga Technologies are pig producers and have learned a lot of things over the years. Their goal here is to help other producers take the right ...


  • EuroTier 2018

    EuroTier 2018

    Digitisation is also increasingly gaining ground in agriculture in parallel with automation. One company at the leading edge of development in these fields and as rich in innovation as it is in tradition is Prüllage Systeme of Holdorf in Lower ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • EPS Buildings

    EPS Buildings

    When you choose EPS for your livestock confinement solutions you have a complete line of buildings available to you. Whether you need a 100` clearspan barn or a triplewide barn - we have you covered! Our buildings can be used for breeding, farrowing, isolation, gestation, nurseries and/or finishers. There are many benefits to an EPS, pre-engineered building. First, you reduce the risk of future ...