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Pig Feeding equipment for Livestock

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    DACS - Flex-Flow Feed Transport System

    DACS offers a variety of flex-flow systems for feed transportation with a large selection of accessories. The systems are very strong, reliable and simple to install. You do not need a specialist to install or maintain the systems. A flex auger is a very simple yet highly reliable system for transportation of pelletized products. The flex-flow ...

    By DACS A/S based in Nørre Snede, DENMARK. from Heating & Cooling for Poultry and Pig Production Product line

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    2H AGRIdek - Dedust Packings

    Dust and dirt entering the air scrubber pose a problem for pig and poultry farming. Too much dust reduces the scrubber performance, the ventilation power decreases and operation and maintenance cost increase. 2H AGRIdek dedust packings considerably reduce the pollution. Placed between the stable building and the air scrubber, they separate dust, ...

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    KAHL - Crushing Roller Mill

    Our crushing roller mill is used for crushing natural food and feed mixtures. The two counter-rotating rollers crush the respective product so that small particles are produced with low fines content.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Machines - Grinding/Crushing/Rolling Product line

  • WBE - Model EZ Access - Wood/Bark Hogs

    The efficiency and safety of the EZ Access technology is now available for new wood hogs and as a retrofit to existing Jeffrey Rader machines. The Model WBE wood hogs have been redesigned with Jeffrey Rader's exclusive EZ Access technology, which allows safe, fast, and easy access to the hammers, rotor, and liners. Now maintenance operators can ...

    By TerraSource Global based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Size Reduction - Wood Hogs Product line

  • Fisiomat - Groups Feeding Systems

    The concept being the housing of sows in small groups and feeding a predetermined amount of feed, delivered simultaneously to all sows over a set period of time. One group of sows can be fed a different quantity of feed per sow to those in another group. However, within the group, the amount dispensed to each sow place is the same. The system is ...

    By Falcon Srl based in Brivio (LC), ITALY. from Pigs Product line

  • Model FT-30 - Farrowing Pen

    A flexible farrowing pen for the compact stable! The sow will move to a different stall after weaning and weaning. Piglets remain in their farrowing until they are approximately grown at 30 kilos.

    By Vissing Agro A/S based in Brædstrup, DENMARK. from Farrowing Product line

  • JHminiStro - Filling Stations

    Bale opening device: The ball opening device is available for different bale sizes. The bales can be loaded from three sides. In the device alone fits one bale of straw, but the device can be combined with an additional feeder table, on which several bales can be stored. On the device the JHminiStrø CUTTER can be mounted to cut the straw ...

    By JH Agro A/S based in Holstebro, DENMARK. from Bedding and Feeding Systems Product line

  • Housing Equipment for Modern Piglet Rearing and Finishing

    In addition to the most advanced feeding technology, Big Dutchman can also offer its customers animal-friendly, easy-to-clean systems for sow, nursery and finishing housing.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Piglet Rearing Product line

  • Group Housing with Single Stalls

    Where single stalls are used, the door behind the sow is opened and closed manually by the service personnel. When the stall is open, the sows can move around freely in their group.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Waiting Area Product line

  • Mosa - Model BBM - Big-Crusher with De-Stackers

    BBM is a system with a tilting mechanism capable of processing all kinds of big bales, compacting and crumbling soil to produce ready-foruse substrate. Automatically feeds filling and sowing lines as well as soilblocking and potting lines. The big-bale is directly positioned into the tank with a manual fork lift.

    By Mosa Green S.r.l. based in Chions (PN), ITALY. from Preparation of Substrates Product line

  • Electronic Sow Feeding System

    Enhanced efficiency in operational management Calmer groups. More control, less effort Improved image. Individual feeding Improved technical results.

    By Aco Funki A/S based in Herning, DENMARK. from Electronic Feeding Systems Product line

  • BIO-FIX - Feed Dispenser for Use Sows in Groups

    BIO-FIX is used for sows in Groups. Each BIO-FIX dispenser can supply 2 feeding spaces. The feed is slowly dispensed by using an auger mechanism that matches the flow of feed to the eating pace of the sow. Basically the dispenser is a container with a hopper under it. The hopper is equipped with two augers, which when turned by a motor, dose the ...

    By Daltec A/S based in Egtved, DENMARK. from Feed Dispensers Product line

  • Piglet Booster Supporting Immunity and Gut Health

    To supplement vitamins and other nutrients to support immunity and healthly gut.

    By Inform Nutrition Ireland Ltd based in Cork, IRELAND. from Piglet Animal Health Range Product line

  • Model FF-CSW42-203 - Wet/Dry Wean to Finish Feeder

    Osborne Rectangular Feeders are constructed with heavy gauge 304 stainless steel or equivalent. Solid welded construction ensures durable, long-lasting performance, and roll-hemmed edges provide extra strength with no sharp edges. Solid divider panels with pre-drilled holes allow for splitting the feeder among sort and growing pens. Simple ...

    By Osborne Industries, Inc. based in Osborne, KANSAS (USA). from Rectangular Hog Feeders Product line

  • MagMeal - Animal Feed

    MagMeal is our core 50% protein larvae meal for use in animal feed preparations. It is highly bio-available, a natural growth feed for farmed animals. It is entirely sustainable and its performance has been rigorously tested in independent laboratories and trials in a range of different animal species and life stages. AgriProtein has also ...

    By AgriProtein based in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • ROSTA - Model UVR - Seedling Planter

    The planter is used for manual sowing of cartridge seedlings in one row in open ground and under film mulchs.

    By ROSTA Europe.ST based in Melitopol, UKRAINE. from Mechanization Equipment Product line

  • Level-Controlled Agitator

    Automatically adjusts its position to the filling level in the liquid feed mixing tank. This agitator, newly developed by Big Dutchman, constantly adjusts its position to the filling level in the mixing tank for liquid feeding. A really good mix of all ingredients of a recipe is essential to ensure that all pigs receive the nutrients required for ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Piglet Rearing Product line

  • Gestal - Model XM - Feed Intake Monitoring System for Nurseries and Finishing Barns

    THE FEED INTAKE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR NURSERIES AND FINISHING BARNS. The Gestal XM is the ideal tool for collecting data on your pigs’ feed consumption. You can know the exact feeding tendencies of your pigs. Great for nurseries and finishing barns alike, this system allows you to find the optimal feeding configuration for your pigs by ...

    By Jyga Technologies based in St-Lambert-de-Lauzon, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Other Products Product line

  • Round Pig Feeder

    Pan is made of stainless steel, so hygienic and long life. Able to be installed in the middle of pigs' room and accommodate many pigs. Minimal feed waste. No caking by pigs' dabbling. No waste of feed and water even in the summer . No needs for extra work except controlling the amount.

    By Koca Co. Ltd. based in Kimhae-city, SOUTH KOREA.

  • 6KG-30Kg - New Feeder

    This is epochal product that changes the fixed idea that wet feeder doesn't fit for 6 kg piglets. Minimal waste of feed. Mechanical structure that is suitable for 6 kg piglets to take water and feed easily. No need for other assisting equipment cutting, and eliminating extra work. Capability to take sectioned dry feed and a little wet feed. ...

    By Koca Co. Ltd. based in Kimhae-city, SOUTH KOREA.

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