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  • How to Keep Livestock Cool in Hot Weather

    How to Keep Livestock Cool in Hot Weather

    During the summer months when high temperatures and humidity combine, keeping your livestock cool and comfortable is an absolute necessity. How to keep animals cool in hot weather should be a priority. Otherwise, many can succumb to heat related stress, exhaustion, stroke—and unfortunately, death. Enclosed spaces without proper ventilation will result in serious problems for you, your ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Flex-Flow Feed Transport System

    Flex-Flow Feed Transport System

    DACS offers a variety of flex-flow systems for feed transportation with a large selection of accessories. The systems are very strong, reliable and simple to install. You do not need a specialist to install or maintain the systems. A flex auger is a very simple yet highly reliable system for transportation of pelletized products. The flex-flow system can be used for both transportation from bin ...