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Pig Housing equipment for Livestock

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    CoronaS - Pig House Air Inlet & Poultry House Air Inlet - Poultry Farm Ventilation

    Optimum production results in pig and poultry houses are closely related to the in-house climate. The CoronaS air inlet from DACS ensures a dry, well ventilated house from day one to finish. Evenly distributed heat: During the growth period and depending on the outside weather conditions the mixing percentage of incoming air/warm room air ...

    By DACS A/S based in Nørre Snede, DENMARK. from Ventilation Product line

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    Model VF36/56 - Warm Water Radiators for Poultry and Pig Houses

    The warm water carried heating systems from DACS supplies a large quantity of dry heat to the house. Dry heat is useful both for heating up to temperature set point, but also for dehumidification, like in a poultry house, since dry heat can absorb a large quantity of humidity. It is important, especially during the winter months, to have full ...

    By DACS A/S based in Nørre Snede, DENMARK. from Heating & Cooling etc. Product line

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    Group Pens

    Main advantages: all sows eat at the same time; the farm manager can easily supervise his stock while the sows are feeding; the sows do not need a training phase; forming sow groups with identical constitution is very simple; feeding space width of 45 to 55 cm per pig; simple pen arrangement; cost-effective solution.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Waiting Area Product line

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    DACS - Model HE740 - Exhaust Unit for Pig and Poultry Houses

    The HE740 exhaust unit for poultry and pig houses is the most efficient roof mounted exhaust unit available. The exhaust unit is equipped with a highly efficient fan motor that ensures high air exchange rates at very low energy consumption. In a direct comparison against leading suppliers on the market today, the HE740 exhaust unit offers at least ...

    By DACS A/S based in Nørre Snede, DENMARK. from Ventilation Product line

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    Model CL 1540 and ZED 5000 - Fresh Air Inlets for the Ceiling and Combi-Diffuse Ventilation

    Main advantages: The CL 1540 is a multi-purpose ceiling inlet. The materials of this inlet are made of recyclable, shock-proof, non-deformable and UV-stabilised plastic. Rustproof steel springs keep the insulated inlet flap closed. The ZED 5000 inlet is made of polyurethane and is equipped with a flange so it can be fastened to the ceiling. This ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Pig Climate Control Product line

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    Model CL 1200, CL 1211 F, CL 1200 B/F, CL 1911 F, ZEW - Polar Fresh Air Inlets for Wall Installation

    Main advantages: The wall inlets of the CL series are made of shock-proof, recyclable, non-deformable, UV-stabilised plastic and can easily be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. The insulated inlet flap is kept in a closed position by rustproof steel springs, thus sealing the building airtight. The inlet flap is pulled open. This allows the ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Pig Climate Control Product line

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    PureLine - Practical Solutions for Animal-Friendly and Sustainable Pig Production

    Is it possible to produce pigs profitably while still meeting their natural needs and minimising environmental pollution? Yes, it is! Big Dutchman PureLine products offer practical solutions that promote health, vitality and welfare of pigs, protect the environment and also make good economic sense. As a pioneer of the development of pig housing ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Pig Production Product line

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    MagixX-P+ - Three-Stage Chemical-Biological Exhaust Air Treatment System

    MagixX-P+ has been certified by the DLG (test report no. 6224) and is listed under the Dutch BWL number 2006.15.V3. The washer achieved the following separation rates: up to 87 % of ammonia, up to 94 % of total dust, up to 90 % PM 10 (< 10 μm), up to 97 % PM 2.5 (< 2.5 μm), odour concentration in the clean gas ≤ 300 OU/m³, no ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Exhaust Air Treatment Product line

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    Helios - LED Ceiling Lamp

    The versatile LED ceiling lamp – very energy-efficient and resistant to NH3. Good illumination of the barn is an important factor for success. The robust LED ceiling lamp Helios evenly illuminates all areas of your pig house. Energy savings of up to 60 percent compared to conventional moisture-proof lamps are an unbeatable advantage.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Pig House Lighting Product line

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    2H AGRIdek - Dedust Packings

    Dust and dirt entering the air scrubber pose a problem for pig and poultry farming. Too much dust reduces the scrubber performance, the ventilation power decreases and operation and maintenance cost increase. 2H AGRIdek dedust packings considerably reduce the pollution. Placed between the stable building and the air scrubber, they separate dust, ...

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    DryRapid - Dry Feeding System

    The versatile and efficient conveying system for dry feed. Whenever dry feed, be it mash, crumbles or pellets, has to be conveyed or distributed on a pig farm, Big Dutchman’s DryRapid is the ideal transport system, from the silo discharge all the way to the feed trough. This efficient pipe conveying system is available as DR 850 with a ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Pig Finishing Product line

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    Perforated Air Channel

    A universal method for supplying fresh air. Main advantages: Due to their modular design, perforated air channels are suitable for nearly every house type with an inserted ceiling below the attic. They are available in five different widths and consist of heat-insulated polyurethane (PU) plates. The individual hole pattern of the perforated plate ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Pig Climate Control Product line

  • Hurdles for Pigs L2000

    The hurdle elements are manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel. The company also offers gate and pole with plates for the making of a whole box for pigs.

    By LIMK Ltd. based in Gabrovo, BULGARIA.

  • Sooner - Custom Livestock Trailers

    At Sooner, we understand that many livestock owners have unique demands. That’s why we offer customization of livestock trailers, with an almost limitless selection of options available to make custom livestock trailers perform just how you need them to. Take advantage of Sooner’s full staff of design engineers and years of custom ...

    By Sooner Trailers based in El Reno, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Manure Removal System

    A properly designed manure removal system is a necessary condition for production efficiency. Indoor microclimate and animals’ health depend on the operation of manure removal system. There are several types of manure removal system including mechanical, hydraulic and combined systems. Currently, the self-floating manure removal system with ...

    By Variant Factory Ltd. based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Manure Removal Product line

  • C. F. Nielsen - Straw Briquetting Plant for 900 - 1800 kg/hour

    Turn your straw from wheat, corn, miscanthus, hay, rape and other agricultural crops into valuable biomass briquettes to be used as industrial bio-fuel for power plants and heating plants etc. This medium size plant for briquetting of wheat straw etc. comprises of a transport line for straw bales, shredder for straw, a hammer mill, buffer silo, ...

    By C. F. Nielsen A/S based in Baelum, DENMARK. from Agri Products Briquetting Product line

  • Qingdao - Model QE-B102 - High Quality Chicken Slaughter Equipment Cage Manual Conveyor Butcher Machine

    High Quality Chicken slaughter equipment Cage Manual Conveyor butcher machine of Poultry abattoir equipment.

    By Qingdao Empire Machinery Co., LTD based in Jiaozhou Qingdao City, CHINA. from Pig Slaughterhouse Equipment Product line

  • Pig Housing and Cattle Stall Water Systems

    Jyden water systems includes the famous AP Aqua Levels as well as water supply systems, drinking cups, valves and sprinkling in pig housing. For cattle stalls Jyden offers a wide range of water troughs and drinking cups.

    By Jyden based in Vemb, DENMARK.

  • PAL-Off-Stable

    With our aim to create a pig husbandry system that is animal-welfare oriented as well as energy-efficient, the PAL- off Stable® was the result of our development efforts. A new standardized housing system providing proper welfare conditions was created. In a thermally insulated building shell a combination of ventilation with negative pressure ...

    By Pal Anlagenbau GmbH based in Wittenhagen/Abtshagen, GERMANY.

  • Cubicle Scrapers

    These will scrape cubicle and feed passages of various widths up to six passages can be operated on one Power pack and Control Panel. One Ram-box is installed at the end of each passage and a double acting Ram moves the central draw bar back and forth. The scraper is fitted with a mechanism that moves it forward with each stroke. At the end of the ...

    By Midland Slurry Systems Ltd based in WARWICKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM.

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