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  • PRRSV NA/EU TYP ELISA For Veterinary Diagnostics
    Showcase Product

    PRRSV NA/EU TYP ELISA For Veterinary Diagnostics

    By Analytik Jena AG

    The PRRSV NA/EU TYP ELISA enables a highly sensitive and fast antibody differentiation for type 1 EU (European type) and type 2 NA (North American type) of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) ...

  • Farrowing Area
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    Farrowing Area

    By Big Dutchman

    With farrowing crate, plastic flooring, piglet nest and heated resting area. Farrowing pens have to provide ideal conditions both for the sow and for the piglets during their first weeks of life. For this purpose, Big ...

  • Variable-Restraint Pen
    Showcase Product

    Variable-Restraint Pen

    By Big Dutchman

    The variable-restraint pen with farrowing frame. With ActiWel, we have developed a special variable-restraint pen that provides ideal conditions for the so wand her piglets in their first weeks of life as well as much ...

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  • Allflex UK Group Ltd

    Allflex UK Group Ltd

    The Allflex Group is a World leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of animal identification technology – helping livestock producers use ...

  • Jyga Technologies

    Jyga Technologies

    Jyga Technologies became the first company ever to design and manufacture electronic feeding system, which assures all your sows to get the perfect ...

  • AbinaAGRO

    AbinaAGRO which took ours first steps in the business world with ours objectives inclined towards the future in 1947, hold on production activities ...

  • Smartbow GmbH

    Smartbow GmbH

    The intelligent SMARTBOW Eartag records the activity of your animals, detects heat and changes in rumination behavior around the clock. You get ...



    Ro-Main designs, manufactures and distributes products and innovative technologies for farmers in the swine and poultry industries. Our company ...