Poultry Breeder

Equipment & Solutions

  • High Frequent Fluorescent Light
    Showcase Product

    High Frequent Fluorescent Light

    By AgroMax

    Dimmable from 100% to 1%. Supplied in 2’ 60cm (18W). and 4’ 120cm (36W) or (58W). Lumens 1,600 - 3,200, 5.200. Life time lamp 50,000 hrs. No flecking like normal fluorescent light.

  • Palletizing Robot for Setter Trays
    Showcase Product

    Palletizing Robot for Setter Trays

    By Jansen Poultry Equipment

    Cobot the palletizing robot for setter trays ensures precise positioning of the trays in containers or on pallets. The fully automatic systems are easily operated through a touchscreen. This significantly reduces the ...

  • Poultry Breeder Laying Nest
    Showcase Product

    Poultry Breeder Laying Nest

    By Jansen Poultry Equipment

    The Premium+ laying nest was developed especially for the breeder sector. The nest provides hens with sufficient space to lay high-quality eggs. The open structure of the nest mats results in clean nests and eggs. The ...