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  • 2H Blackout Blinds (Light Traps) for Livestock Breeding
    Showcase Product

    2H Blackout Blinds (Light Traps) for Livestock Breeding

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH

    In livestock breeding it is often necessary not to let any light from outside get into the stables. This allows special night and day rhythms and artificial lighting to be effectively used. The answer here is for light ...

  • Bird Proof Gel
    Showcase Product

    Bird Proof Gel

    By Bird-X Inc.

    If birds see Bird Proof Gel, they are not likely to land upon it. If they do land, they will find the sticky surface to be uncomfortable and won’t stay for long. They learn over time and do not return to the ...

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  • Plant Ecology

    Plant Ecology

    This textbook covers Plant Ecology from the molecular to the global level. It covers the following areas in unprecedented breadth and depth:- Molecul

  • Handbook of Poultry Feed from Waste

    Handbook of Poultry Feed from Waste

    The aim of this book is to help create new feedstuffs for poultry and farm animals from the agro-industry and to mobilize the neglected waste as a ...

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  • DACS A/S

    DACS A/S

    DACS A/S is a family-owned company with 30 years experience of developing, producing and delivering ventilation and control systems for livestock ...