Poultry Monitoring

Equipment & Solutions

  • Digital Thermostat
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    Digital Thermostat

    By Olba B.V.

    This thermostat has a plastic casing and is splash proof. It is suitable for wall mounting. It may be used for lots of different applications and for cooling as well as for heating purposes. It is also suitable for use ...

  • Poultry Sensor
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    Poultry Sensor

    By EasyMeasure B.V.

    clean drinking water is essential for healthy poultry. Drinking water that is infected with bacteria and fungi inevitably leads to ingestion of these germs by the poultry. Yet, the importance of clean drinking ...

  • Versatile Climate and Management Computer for Poultry
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    Versatile Climate and Management Computer for Poultry

    By Microfan B.V.

    The ARGOS P1, aMicrofan B.V. product, is a new and versatile climate and management computer for poultry. The flexibility offered by its various controls allows for the ARGOS P1 to be customised for use in anypoultry ...