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  • Small Bird & Bat Netting
    Showcase Product

    Small Bird & Bat Netting

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

    Perfect netting for small bird and bat exclusion projects. The smaller 9/16"(15mm) square, knotted netting mesh creates an impassible barrier that excludes both small and large pest birds as well as ...

  • Cross-Flow Shredder
    Showcase Product

    Cross-Flow Shredder

    By ANDRITZ MeWa GmbH

    The Bio-QZ is used in hundreds of European biogas facilities for processing many different input materials. Flexible tools inside the machine produce a homogeneous substrate that lead to faster gas formation, shorter ...

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  • Handbook of Poultry Feed from Waste

    Handbook of Poultry Feed from Waste

    The aim of this book is to help create new feedstuffs for poultry and farm animals from the agro-industry and to mobilize the neglected waste as a ...