Livestock Equipment in Massachusetts

  • Mayhew - Model 42005 - 3/4 Dominator HD Crbon Scraper

    Carbon scrapers are used for removing gaskets, rust, paint, carbon buildup, and floor tile. Their edges can be sharpened to the original cut after heavy use. The capped metal end is in direct contact with the tempered steel shaft and the two- composite, ergonomic handle provides a secure grip on the tool. The scraper is has a black oxide finish to ...

    By Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. based in Turners Falls, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from 3/4 Dominator HD Crbon Scraper Product line

  • Hog Fuel

    Hog Fuel, which comes from the Norwegian word “hogge” meaning “hacked or chipped,” refers to an unprocessed mix of coarse chips of bark and wood fiber. Hog fuel can be used to efficiently drive boiler systems, which then can produce electricity and heat.

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Hog Fuel Product line

  • Model TR-330 - Scarifier

    TR-330 reinvents the way you do surface prep. With one machine you can now resurface existing concrete and asphalt in ways that haven't been possible. It's the result of fine engineering and rugged testing. It's designed for high volume projects, including dairy barns, airplane runways, and warehouses. The easy-to-control user panel paired with ...

    By TrakRite Equipment, LLC based in Orange, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • LactiWhey - LactiCheck - Milk Analyzer

    Testing of whey composition at various key points in the cheese-making process facilitates effective and efficient process control. A critical control point, monitoring of whey composition maximizes efficiency in cutting, minimizes fat and protein losses, ensures greater consistency in quality and assists in optimizing yields. Offering three ...

    By Page & Pedersen International, Ltd. based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Milk Analyzer Product line

  • HydroCarb - Liquid Fertilizer

    Carbohydrates are the most abundant class of organic compounds found in plants. HydroCarb is a concentrated carbohydrate polymer solution, 35% by volume, made of simple and complex carbohydrates.

    By Hydros, Inc., Environmental Diagnostics based in Bourne, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Liquid Fertilizer Product line

  • LactiCheck - Model 02 RapiRead - Milk Analyzer

    A practical, reliable and affordable alternative to previously available options for milk composition testing, the rapid (40 second test time), real-time, reliable results and straight-forward simplicity bring the benefits of state-of-the-art technology to you today!  Robust and impressively precise, the LactiCheck LC-02/RR can be integrated ...

    By Page & Pedersen International, Ltd. based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Milk Analyzer Product line

  • SeaStation - Fish Pens

    SeaStation fish pens help farm operators reduce the total cost of grow-out on medium-to-high energy aquaculture sites. SeaStation’s security and long service life allow capital costs to be spread across many years and harvests. The SeaStation is fully functional when surfaced or submerged. With 20+ years and 60+ installations SeaStations ...

    By InnovaSea Systems, Inc. based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Cypress Mulch Blend

    The texture and color of natural Cypress Mulch is very decorative and will compliment the specimen plants in the beds. Looks exceptional against lush lawns. Widely used in southern states, but cherished by northern landscapers because of its beauty, when available. Ideal as a decorative mulch and for weed control.

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Cypress Mulch Blend Product line

  • Espresso Brown Colored Mulch

    Enhanced with a natural, non-toxic tint that will not fade. Espresso Brown is an inviting color to accent your landscape beds in a perfectly natural tone of rich, dark brown. During the height of dry weather and heat, Espresso Brown will not fade, looking as bright and fresh as the day it is installed. Ideal for weed control and moisture ...

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Espresso Brown Colored Mulch Product line

  • LactiCheck - Model Mini series - Milk Analyzer

    The compact LactiCheck Mini Milk Analyzer provides a complete raw milk composition profile, including 10 parameters (including an optional pH measurement), in about 60 seconds! Robust and reliable, the LC-Mini offers three separate channels for testing cow, sheep and goat milk. The peristaltic pump and the unique flow-thru design facilitate high ...

    By Page & Pedersen International, Ltd. based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Milk Analyzer Product line

  • LactiCheck- RapiRead - Model 01 - Milk Analyzer

    Portable, real-time, precise, reliable measurement of raw co-mingled milk facilitates optimal herd management.  User-friendly and robust, the LactiCheck provides farmers instant feedback (40 second test time) critical to practical herd management including feeding, herd health and the milk check.  On-farm artisanal, boutique and ...

    By Page & Pedersen International, Ltd. based in Hopkinton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Milk Analyzer Product line

  • Alliance - Model 387 - Farm Radial Tires

    The Alliance 387 Farm Radial is a tire specially developed for environment friendly machines which are designed not to damage soil, grass and plants during operation. This pattern is suitable for grassland and other sensitive terrain application on utility tractors and small implements used in golf courses, parks and vineyards. The higher void to ...

    By Alliance Tire Group (ATG) based in Wakefield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Farm Radial Tires Product line

  • GT Advanced Technologies - Silane Production Unit

    The production technology package offered by GT Advanced Technologies to produce silane, results in ultra-pure gas that can be sold on the merchant market or used for the production of electronics-grade polysilicon or consumed in thin film applications. The high volume hydrochlorination an silane production/purification package is capable of ...

    By GT Advanced Technologies Office in Salem, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Silane Production Unit Product line

  • Glass Extrusion

    DeTech Extruder - DeTech’s proprietary laser/computer controlled extruder allows for rapid prototyping and development of tubes and rods with softening points of up to 800ºC. The precision extruder is capable of producing virtually any cross-section geometry as well as multiple bores in rods and tubing. Diameters of up to 75mm and ...

    By Detector Technology, Inc. based in Palmer, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Glass Extrusion Product line

  • Model C1017 - Separator Tape

    Chase & Sons C1017 is an opaque polyester film intended for use as a bedding or binder tape.

    By Chase Corporation based in Westwood, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Separator Tape Product line

  • OPFLEX - Model ENV2600 - 6` Sweep Eelgrass

    6' Sweep ½” X 48' x 72'

    By OPFLEX Environmental Technologies LLC based in West Hyannisport, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from 6` Sweep Eelgrass Product line

  • Hayden - Separator

    The Hayden Separator's main purpose is to sort the good from the bad cranberries. Available with either original wood block bearings or modem bail bearings. Features plexy glass guards for your safety. Powered by a 1/2 horse power electric motor. Various front grates available for different varieties of cranberries. Averages 50 barrels per day.

    By Hayden Manufacturing Company, Inc. based in West Wareham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Separator Product line

  • Model OS20 - PVC Slider Bag Closures

    20″ long PVC slider for closing sealed one end (diamond, pillowcase style) oyster bags, case of 100. Add a few stainless steel hog rings to the end of your bag prior to sealing to prevent the sliders from slipping off.

    By Ketcham Supply Corporations based in New Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from PVC Slider Bag Closures Product line

  • Pine Bark Mini Nuggets

    A highly decorative and practical mulch for landscape beds. The Garden Pro Mini Nuggets creat a landscape bed very natural in appearance. Pine nuggets are uniform in size and compliment flowers that have lots of texture, evergreens, perennials and flowers. Popular for decades, this product is ideal for weed control and water conservation.

    By Harvest Power, Inc based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Pine Bark Mini Nuggets Product line

  • Soft-Step - PVC Coated Wire

    Soft-Step is PVC coated wire designed by Riverdale exclusively for poultry use. Soft-Step was developed when our team of engineers discovered a need for safer and more sanitary flooring in breeder and broiler houses. Soft-Step is manufactured using premium high-strength steel wire and protected with Riverdale’s proprietary Galvanized after ...

    By Riverdale Mills Corporation based in Northbridge, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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