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Livestock Equipment

  • Bye Engineering - Model BE 1900 - Bed Mixer

    Front Mounted Nematicide Granule Incorporation.  Front mounted host machine for nematicide granule applicators in bed planted systems. Immediate, accurate, efficient incorporation at correct depth, in correct place without over cultivating. Robust and reliable with low power requirement, geared to run at low engine revs to suit planting ...

    By Bye Engineering Ltd based in Woodbridge, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • CarboGreen - Model Series L and M - Stone and Vegetation Burying Machine

    The oversized blade rotor, with reverse rotation to the direction of movement, projects stones, earth, grass and debris against the sorting grille with a variable gap. The rough material falls into the furrow created by the blades that covered by the finely worked earth, forms a perfect seeding bed. The grilled rear roller levels and compresses ...

    By Carbogreen di Carboni Renzo based in Boretto (RE), ITALY.

  • Besler - Model 5000 - Field Conditioner

    This Seed Bed Conditioner is a ground driven machine designed to prepare ground for planting crops such as cotton or corn.

    By Besler Industries, Inc. based in Cambridge, NEBRASKA (USA). from Tillage Equipment Product line

  • Ridger with Bed Former

    The Steketee ridger machine consists of a frame mounted with 5 sets of cultivation tine elements. These cultivator tine elements consist of 3 elements with 2 cultivator tines and 2 end elements with 1 cultivator tine each. A adjustable shank with 8 cm bit is mounted standard for the cultivator tines. The ridge shape hood eventually ensures a ...

    By Machinefabriek Steketee BV based in Stad aan `t Haringvliet, NETHERLANDS. from Bed Formers Product line

  • Milk Jugg Trap

    The Milk Jugg Trap has the lowest cost and is the most ecological because you’re using something you’d be throwing away otherwise – your empty quart or gallon plastic milk jug. You can reuse the trap heads for many years and a new load of attractant is only $1.12 for a half gallon jug.

    By Spalding Laboratories based in Reno, NEVADA (USA). from Fly Traps Product line

  • Hettich - LED Plant Growth Chambers

    Hettich LED Plant Growth Chambers use an advanced LED lighting system to increase throughputs and decrease operation costs. Their highly efficient LED lights deliver uniform lighting throughout the chamber and virtually eliminate dark corners for consistent results. The LED lights also emit minimal heat, allowing for more usable chamber space than ...

    By Hettich Instruments based in Beverly, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Plant Chambers Product line

  • AminoA - Model GRO - Liquid Natural Amino Acid

    AminoA Gro is an easy to use liquid natural amino acid complex formulated to be suitable for use in organic production systems. AminoA Gro is obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis obtained using high quality, stringently selected sources that guarantee the final product meets the highest quality standards. AminoA Gro is a Class A fertiliser and ...

    By AminoA Ltd based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Quelafert - Model Oleo-K - Potassium Soap

    Potassium soap of natural origin, indicated as insecticide and as cleaner of the aereal parts of the crops of molasses and stains produced by insects and mites like whitefly, aphids, mealybugs. The product is an insecticide that does not creates resistances and that acts by contract, destroying the cell membrane of insects, mites and nymphs, as ...

    By Quelagrow Ibérica based in La Mojonera , SPAIN. from Phytosanitary Product line

  • Foreverest - Model 99% - γ Terpinene

    Used for fungicides and insecticide. The plant diseases include powdery mildew, early blight,. The target pests may include Spodoptera littoralis, Aphis fabae, Hemiptera, Aphididae, Lepidoptera, Noctuidae.

    By Foreverest Resources Ltd. based in Xiamen, CHINA. from Feed Additive Ingredients Product line

  • Martin - Model P2 - Grain Pedestal

    Pile-Dry Pedestals are vertical and visible in the store. Typically they are spaced at least 6 metres apart so loading and unloading grain around them is achieved easily. For grain stored at c.3m (10′) with surcharging up to c.4.5m in the middle of the store. Allow one P2 pedestal per 6m x 6m (20′ x 20′) area – 3m from the ...

    By Martin Lishman Ltd based in Bourne, UNITED KINGDOM. from Professional Crop Storage Systems Product line

  • Jacket Net System

    Hail, bird, insect and sun protection technology by the JACKET net system. Both the mounting and the annual handling is excellent value for money. Each row length up to 1000 m and more is possible. The JACKET net system is even applicable for steep slopes and hilly terrain. Due to a swift hanging up of the net a free access to the grape zone is ...

    By Fruit Security GmbH based in St.Ruprecht, AUSTRIA. from Foil Products Product line

  • Bioeasy - Model YRM1039C - 4 in 1 BSCT Rapid Milk Antibiotic Test Kits

    Bioeasy 4IN1 BSCT Rapid Test for Beta-lactams, Streptomycin, Chloramphenicol and Tetracyclines in MilkThis rapid test is used for detection and discrimination of Beta-lactams, Streptomycin, Chloramphenicol and Tetracyclines in milk based on the colloidal gold immunochromatography technology.Application· Raw milk, pasteurized milk and full cream ...

    By Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology Co., Ltd. based in Shenzhen, CHINA.

  • Model BW1007 - Milk Antibiotic Test Kit Chloramphenicol Rapid Test Milk Test Kit

    The Chloramphenicol Test kit is the Chloramphenicol, an enzyme-linked receptor-binding assay that detects Chloramphenicol in raw, commingled cow milk at or below established tolerance and/or safe levels.

    By KonRun Biological Technology Co., Ltd based in GZ Guangzhou, CHINA.

  • ADDCON AntiBoil - Boiling Silage

    Boiling silage is a problem especially in the warm season. Boiling means gass production and foaming due to microbial and biochemical activity in the silage. It has nothing to do with boiling at 100 degrees Celcius. Boiling is mainly a problem in the summer season. ANTIBOIL efficiently prevents and stops this accelerating reaction.

    By ADDCON GmbH based in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, GERMANY. from Aquaculture Product line

  • Triowin - Condensed Milk Production Line Plant

    This is the small and medium scale condensed milk production line, the production process is simple, easy to operate. The production strictly in accordance with international standards of manufacturing process, end products meet the requirements of food GMP health conditions. End products no need to be refrigerated transport and storage, product ...

    By Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Triowin - Cream Production Line Plant

    Composed of pretreating boilers, vacuum emulsifying and blending boiler, vacuum pump, hydraulic liftsystem, dumping system, electric control system and work platform etc. Suitable for production of ointment and cream products in cosmetic and pharmaceutical plants. The emulsifying effect is more prominent for materials of high base viscosity and ...

    By Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Triowin - Model UHT - Milk Production Line Plant

    Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery ltd is specialized in supplying various kinds of milk processing line, including the pasteurized milk, UHT milk, flavored milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter, cream, condensed milk etc.

    By Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Triowin - Cheese Production Line Plant

    As a professional milk and juice production line supplier, we can design,manufacture, install cheese production line and cheese plant for producing all kinds of packaged chesse.

    By Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Triowin - Model ESL - Milk Production Line Plant

    Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery Co., ltd is specialized in supplying various kinds of ESL milk processing line.We can supply complete turnkey projects for customers, integrating with designing, equipment manufacturing, to installation and commissioning and also training the operators.

    By Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Triowin - Milk Pretreatment Line Plant

    The purpose of standardisation is to give the milk a defined, guaranteed fat content. Common values are 1.5% for low-fat milk and 3% for regular grade milk, fat contents as low as 0.1 and 0.5 % is skimmilk. The fat is a very important economic factor. Consequently, the standardisation of milk and cream must be carried out with great accuracy. Some ...

    By Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA.

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