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Livestock Equipment

  • Bum-Gun - Italian Automatic Valve

    Our Italian Automatic Valve is built with 100% stainless steel, to ecological standards so there is no lead release. When you return your bidet sprayer to the wall mount, a valve automatically closes off the water. Remember in some countries the water pressure is very low, often around 1 bar, so no isolating valve is needed. However, in the UK the ...

    By The Bum Gun Ltd based in North Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Isolating Valves Product line

  • Penta - Model V Series - Vertical Beater Spreader

    The new industry leader that delivers performance and control to maximize the nutrient value of your manure.

    By Penta TMR Inc. based in Petrolia, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Spreaders Product line

  • Hagedorn - Model H Series - Horizontal Beater Spreaders

    The longest lasting, best performing, most serviceable horizontal beater manure spreader your money can buy.

    By Penta TMR Inc. based in Petrolia, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Spreaders Product line

  • Model CIPC - Aerosol Sprout Inhibitor

    In the potato industry, CIPC (Chlorpropham) applied by thermal fogging system in aerosol form is the standard for inhibiting sprouts. Since the 1950s, CIPC has been unmatched for inhibiting peeps and sprouts because of its effectiveness and affordability in the market place. IVI’s product is PIN NIP® 98% CIPC. IVI has been ...

    By Industrial Ventilation, Inc. (IVI) based in Nampa, IDAHO (USA). from Storage Crop Protection Product line

  • Model RD11 - Grain Feeders

    Grain Feeders 3,000 & 5,000 lbs. Hydrostatic Drive. 3000 or 5000 lbs grain bin with hydraulic lift. 35 HP Lombardini or 40 HP Kubota or optional. John Deer 80 HP diesel engines.  Hydraulic power steering. Adjustable seats and work lights

    By Randell Equipment Manufacturing, Inc (REM) based in Delano, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Self Propelled Calf Feeders Product line

  • Zipset Plant Bands

    Zipset Plant Bands are square growing containers made from milk carton paperboard.  The paper provides exceptional strength when wet, yet is still biodegradable.  No damaging glues or other potentially toxic chemicals reach the soil or your plants.

    By Monarch Manufacturing, Inc. based in Salida, COLORADO (USA).

  • Presto Gold - Model 6-18-5 NPK - Fertilizers

    Presto Gold is a 6-18-5 NPK blend designed for foliar application to grass crops such as corn and wheat. It provides a balanced macronutrient foliar feed in addition to Boron and IDS chelated Copper, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc.  On a crop of wheat, Presto Gold can be applied any time from tillering through flag leaf, but is most effective when ...

    By SummitGold Midwest Distributing, Inc. based in Peoria, ILLINOIS (USA). from Fertilizers Product line

  • Model SVW - Silo Storage Tanks

    Paul Mueller Company's vertical silos are optimized for product protection and efficient space usage at your facility. We offer silos from 5,000-70,000 gallons fabricated in house as well as silos through hundreds of thousands of gallons built at your site. Mueller is also proud to offer the first patented, fully CIP-able horizontal agitator that ...

    By Paul Mueller Company based in Springfield, MISSOURI (USA). from Food and Dairy Equipment Product line

  • HiPerForm - Model E-Star - Condensing Units

    There are strict quality demands for dairy farming and milk processing. An important part of a milk cooling system is the condensing unit. Mueller developed the HiPerForm E-Star®; a cost efficient and reliable condensing unit. Besides the Mueller HiPerForm E-Star®, we also deliver Scroll condensing units. If you require more information ...

    By Paul Mueller Company based in Springfield, MISSOURI (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Paul Mueller Company - Model O - Milk Cooling & Storage

    Rapid cooling and low energy consumption are the main features of the Mueller Model O series of milk cooling tanks. With its oval design and large internal cooling surface area, you can be assured of the very latest technology in efficient cooling of your milk. The all stainless steel control panel and wash pump are conveniently located on the ...

    By Paul Mueller Company based in Springfield, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Model PCP - Processors Tanks

    Paul Mueller Company's processing tanks are designed to efficiently heat and cool a wide variety of dairy, beverage, food, and chemical products. Mueller processing tanks can be customized to fit your needs while still maintaining 3A design requirements. Our original Temp-Plate heat transfer surface assures optimum heating and cooling of your ...

    By Paul Mueller Company based in Springfield, MISSOURI (USA). from Food and Dairy Equipment Product line

  • Silo Tank

    In addition to the current range of Mueller milk cooling tanks, we also offer an extensive range of high quality, vertical milk silo’s. These tanks are specifically designed to provide large capacity milk cooling and storage where space is at a premium. Unlike other milk silo’s in the market, the Mueller silo tank incorporates its ...

    By Paul Mueller Company based in Springfield, MISSOURI (USA). from Milk Cooling Tanks Product line

  • Fre-Heater

    Adding a Mueller Fre-Heater to your milk cooling system can drastically reduce your costs of heating water. Whether your dairy farm operation is large or small, you need plenty of hot water for equipment cleanup, cow prepping, and feeding calves. What better way is there to meet your everyday needs than free hot water? The Mueller Fre-Heater ...

    By Paul Mueller Company based in Springfield, MISSOURI (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Pipe Cooler

    A pipe cooler cools the milk before it reaches the milk cooling tank. The heat of the milk is being removed due to cold water flowing in opposite direction of the warm milk. By pre-cooling the milk, the bacteriological level is being stabilized immediately. In addition, you can save on costs, because there is up to 50% less energy consumption. ...

    By Paul Mueller Company based in Springfield, MISSOURI (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Model M-975 - Tines Hydraulic Fluffer

    Fluffers are used to aerate bedding speeding up its bacterial breakdown. They also level bedding making it more comfortable and safer for cows.

    By Mensch Manufacturing, LLC based in Hastings, MICHIGAN (USA). from Fluffer Product line

  • Genesis - Model Series E - Fertilizer Controller

    This controller features a simple user-friendly interface and a full range of configuration options for your operation.

    By pH Technologies LLC based in Grover Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • MixRite - Model 500 Series - Water Driven Injectors

    The MixRite 500 Series Water Driven Injectors are designed for water flow up to 11 gpm (2.5m3/hr) and will operate from .8 to 11 gpm (3-41 L per min.). The 500 series is available as a CW model with seals and components for mildly aggressive additives, CL models for corrosive materials, acids, alkalines and solvents and a PVDF model for the ...

  • Bloomit - Model 2-18-0 - Liquid Foliar

    With an analysis of 2-18-0.1Mn, Bloomit creates an environment conducive to seed development. This liquid foliar product is extremely beneficial in soybeans as it has the potential to increase the number of pods per plant and aids in reducing alternate bearing in fruit trees. By increasing plant reproductive properties, yield should improve as ...

    By International Ag Labs based in Fairmont, MINNESOTA (USA). from Forage, Fruit & Seed Crop Product line

  • First Day Formula - Supplement Product for Newborn Dairy and Beef Calves

    A colostrum replacement or supplement for newborn dairy and beef calves. First Day Formula® contains dried, natural bovine colostrum safe for newborn calves and is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

    By Accelerated Genetics based in Plain City, OHIO (USA). from Calf Health Products Product line

  • Accelerated-Genetics - Milk Replacer

    Accelerated Genetics combines specialized ingredients, state-of-the art manufacturing and professional technical support with one goal in mind –     to get the optimum performance from your calves. Accelerated Genetics milk replacers are made with premium ingredients to ensure a consistently high quality product to support optimal ...

    By Accelerated Genetics based in Plain City, OHIO (USA). from Calf Health Products Product line

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