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The agricultural, industrial, and information technology revolutions resulted in quantum and dramatic changes in the way in which we live throughout the world. In recent years, the frontiers of research in engineering, science and technology have been driven by developments in nanomaterials which encompass a diverse range of disciplines. The common theme is the ability to exhibit unique new properties arising from quantum effects.

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The number of research themes involving biological and nanostructured materials is growing rapidly and it is widely anticipated that nanotechnology will produce products, devices, components, and smart multifunctional intelligent systems. Advanced materials inspired by biological systems and processes are likely to change almost everything from vaccines to artificial tissues and organs to quantum computers. IJNBM provides a vehicle to help academics, researchers, industrial companies, trade associations, and policy makers in the fields of medicine, biology, manufacturing technology, materials science, engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, nanoelectronics and business to disseminate information and learn from each others’ work.

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