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Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems

Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems is a multi-disciplinary journal which focuses on the science that underpins economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable approaches to agriculture and food production. The journal publishes original research and review articles on the economic, ecological, and environmental impacts of agriculture; the effective use of renewable resources and biodiversity in agro-ecosystems; and the technological and sociological implications of sustainable food systems. It also contains a discussion forum, which presents lively discussions on new and provocative topics.
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Editorial Board

Rick Welsh
Dept. of Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition
Syracuse University

Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Lydia Oberholtzer
Senior Researcher
Pennsylvania State University

Forum Editors
Virginia Jin
USDA-Agricultural Research Service
Agroecosystem Management Research Unit

Fred Kirschenmann
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Iowa State University

Book and Resources Review Editor
Charles Francis
Dept Agronomy & Horticulture
University of Nebraska

From the Field Editor
John Beeby
Cornell University, USA

Associate Editor
S. Bittman
Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada

S. Canali
CRA, Italy

K. Delate
Iowa State University, USA

C. Dimitri
New York University, USA

A. Franzluebbers

A. Gertsis
American Farm School, Greece

P.R. Grace
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

N. Halberg
ICROFS, Denmark

J. Halvorson

C. Hinrichs
The Pennsylvania State University, USA

D. Lotter
St. John’s University of Tanzania, Tanzania

S.R. Moore
North Carolina State University, USA

D. Neuhoff
University of Bonn, Germany

E.P. Ransom
University of Richmond, USA

S. Rogers
Clarkson University, USA

M. Roper
CSIRO Plant Industry, Australia

M. Swisher
University of Florida, USA

I. Talay
Ankara University, Turkey

R. Weil
University of Maryland, USA

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