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The Journal of Agricultural Science

The Journal of Agricultural Science publishes papers concerned with the advance of agriculture and the use of land resources throughout the world. It publishes original scientific work related to strategic and applied studies in all aspects of agricultural science and exploited species, as well as reviews of scientific topics of current agricultural relevance.
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Editorial Board

Senior Editor (Crops & Soils papers)
Dr Paul Bilsborrow
School of Agriculture Food and Rural Development
Newcastle University,

Senior Editor (Animal papers)
Professor Julian Wiseman
University of Nottingham

Editorial Assistant
Mrs Alison Sage

Editorial Board
Professor Terry Aveling
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Associate Professor Bronwyn Barkla
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

Professor Steve C Bishop
Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, UK

Dr Michael D. Casler
US Dairy Forage Research Centre, USA

Dr Salvatore Ceccarelli
ICARDA, France

Professor Andrew Cobb
Sedbergh, UK

Professor Brian Cullis
University of Wollongong, Australia

Dr Jan Dijkstra
Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Dr Randy Dinkins

Mr Rodney N. Edmondson
Horticulture Research International, Wellsbourne, UK

Professor Josef Eitzinger
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Austria

Professor W. Erskine
CLIMA, University of Western Australia, Australia

Professor J. France
University of Guelph, Canada

Professor Gerrit Hoogenboom
University of Georgia, USA

Dr R. A. Hunter
CSIRO Animal, Food and Health Sciences, Queensland, Australia

Dr Ajay Kohli
IRRI, Manila, The Philippines

Dr Julie Lauren
Cornell University, USA

Professor Secundino Lopez
Universidad de León, Spain

Dr Sacha Jon Mooney
The University of Nottingham, UK

Professor Simone Orlandini
Florence University, Italy

Professor Christopher Reynolds
The University of Reading, UK

Dr J. A. Rooke
Scottish Agricultural College, Penicuik, Midlothian, UK

Professor U. R. Sangakkara
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Associate Professor Debbie Sparkes
Nottingham University, UK

Professor Normand R. St-Pierre
The Ohio State University, USA

Dr Christine Watson
Scottish Agricultural College, Aberdeen, UK

Professor Fangsen Xu
Huazhong Agricultural University, China

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