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12 hectares of GATES for Village Farms


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One of the most technologically advanced controlled environment food production greenhouse complexes in the world is currently being built in Monahans, Texas. Earlier this year Village Farms and Verbakel-Bomkas reached an agreement to develop the GATES greenhouse project concept after several years of research and development.

 Until June 2011 Monahans, Texas was mostly known for its oil industry . Soon it will be known as the new home for record yield production of fresh greenhouse tomatoes. Monahans was selected to be the best location for Village Farms' second GATES greenhouse among a number of potential locations.

GATES is Village Farms own Greenhouse AdvancedTechnology Environment System. The system has been co-developed by Village Farms' R&D division in close collaboration with partners Verbakel-Bomkas and Hortimax. GATES greenhouse design combines cooling technologies to provide uniform temperature and humidity, regardless of outside conditions. Re-circulating part of the greenhouse air conserves humidity and Co2. The system operates with a unique pad/fan cooling system over a distance of more than 100 m between pads and fans. There are no roof vents in this greenhouse.

Village Farms is one of North America's largest premium hydroponic greenhouse growers and marketers and along with Verbakel-Bomkas is maintaining a similar pace in expanding the usage of greenhouse agriculture. As of August 1st the first foundation components have been installed in concert with Mountain High Greenhouse Construction LLC the first 6 hectares were built and glazed before the end of September. The second phase of 6 hectares is expected to be fully glazed around the end of October. Hortimax, PB Techniek and Formflex are among the remaining project partners.

All of the project components have been carefully selected and tested in Village Farms first GATES greenhouse in Marfa, Texas. Years of experience in achieving record yield production in tomatoes of more than 104 kg per m2 has been integrated in this new state-of-the-art greenhouse facility. 

Over 250 sea containers of materials have been shipped within a period of 3 months and there are still more to arrive in Monahans to complete this project. The immense logistical stream of components from various locations in the world is to be called unique in time and volume.

Village Farms has raised the bar while constantly striving to exceed its own record levels of production starting 2012-13. The complete project is expected to be substantially completed by the end of 2011. Verbakel-Bomkas and Village Farms will be present during Hortifair 2011 in RAI Amsterdam, booth 11.0312, to share more information on the GATES system and the Monahans project.

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