1500 Dairy Farmers Face Late Payments – Savings through Vertical And Horizontal Tanks



According to The Guardian, up to 1500 farmers will not be paid for their milk on Monday, as the UK’s largest dairy company announced that it was delaying payments due to a crash in prices.  First Milk, a co-operative owned by British farmers explained that 2014 had been an incredibly volatile year for the global dairy industry and that it will have to delay payments to farmers by two weeks and all subsequent payments by a fortnight.

Although it is unexpected as to when dairy prices will become more stable, there are a number of ways in which farmers can make savings in other areas of their operations.  The first is through rain water harvesting.  By installing Enduramaxx tanks to collect roof run-off, huge volumes of water can be stored safely, thanks to Enduramaxx horizontal and vertical tanks being made from a very rugged design comprising a single piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene.

Farmers can also make savings through the bulk buying of chemicals, including fertiliser.  Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks safely store huge quantities of pre-mixed fertiliser for when it’s needed throughout the forthcoming growing season.

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