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6,000 hectares to be established as energy crop plantations in Pangasinan, Philippines

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People's Energy project is launched to provide sustainable feedstock to Community Biomass power Projects in Pangasinan
Manila,Philippines, 21 September 2012 --

A 6,000 hectare energy crop plantation will be established in Pangasinan, Philippines in 2013.

Ruth P Briones, Chairman and CEO of Blueworld Inc., had today announced that 6,000 hectares of land is subject of long term agreements with People’s organizations in Eastern Pangasinan for the establishment of energy crop plantations that will secure feedstock for its Biomass power project in Pangasinan.

The contract signing was done during the launching of the “People’s Energy project” in Tayug, Pangasinan on September 19, 2012 attended by twenty one people’s organizations government officials and Blueworld Inc.

The crop plantation according to Briones will use napier grass, giant king grass and sweet sorghum crops to be planted in areas covered by existing forestland tenurial instruments issued to people’s organizations in the said province.

Srirama Raju, the President of Blueworld Inc. added that the proposed project will provide 25-year sustainable livelihood for about 3,000 families at the same time provide cheap electricity to these communities. Dubbed as “People’s Energy Project” the intention is to create “Biomass Energy Sustainably Transformed” (BEST) Villages in some parts of the Philippines.

Blueworld Inc. according to Briones and Raju had been incorporated in the Philippines as a multi-national corporation which merged three companies namely Greenergy Solutions Inc., (Philippines), and SRITEJ INFRATECH PVT. LTD. (India) and GREEN ECO CONSULTING Inc. (USA).

The newly created company is expected to establish community based biomass power projects in the Philippines directly enjoining the participation of people’s organization in  energy crop plantations. Individual farmer member will sign a 25-year Family Approach contract with Blueworld Inc. involving areas that they will directly plant energy crops to be used as feedstock to biomass power plant that will be considered as renewable and clean energy.


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