A Beginner`s Guide to Agrochemical Formulation Strategies


Source: Informa

Gain a complete overview of Agrochemical Formulation strategies, how to develop a formulation and generate the data needed for submissions!

Who is this training for?

Designed for professionals either new to agrochemical formulations or requiring a basic working knowledge in their role, this introductory course will provide you with the foundations to enhance your formulation career.

Key modules include:
  • Regulation of formulated plant protection products
  • Green formulations
  • Development process: ingredients & generating regulatory data
  • Biopesticides & reformulations
Q&A with expert trainer

Use the course discussion forum to ask questions and settle any doubts about the topic. Check our Online FAQs page to see if any of your current questions can be cleared up, if not, our Course Managers are available via online live chat most of the time.

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