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A Canadian winter fairy tale


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If the Canadian winter doesn‘t throw a spanner into our plans our engineers are confident that the 335 kW plant will be ready for commissioning at the end of January. “Till now we consider grape pomace, grass silage, chicken dung and glycerine as input materials, but we already send an application for fermenting leftovers like oils and drippings.“ explains Jan- Hendrik Thesing, project and construction manager of PlanET Canada. “The plant is already constructed so that it can be extended to 750 kWel without problems. We only wait for the raise in compensation for feeding electricity into the public grid, which the Ontario region wants to improve in the new year. Right now it looks like we can expect something between 15-19 ct CAD.” says Thesing.

As a special challenge Mr. Thessing mentioned the own developed process technology after Canadian norm guidelines. The plant control system and the visualization had to be adopted to the 600 V net, so that PlanET is able to offer their proven PlanET control system also in Canada. A technical highlight is the PlanET air supported foil cover, which was constructed in a pointed form due to the heavy snowfalls in Canada. With the 900 g/m² strong weather membrane the plant is perfectly protected against the Canadian winter, says Mr Thesing pleased. Also the success story of the PlanET Mini digester goes on. Since the ministry of agriculture of Ontario bought the fully equipped mini digester in September 2007, the mini digester toured across the country to be available for substrate tests and agricultural/technical exhibitions.

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