A Focus on Crop YieldsLiquid Fertiliser Tanks To Lower Overheads



Aberdeen Press and Journal discuss this week how arable farmers can cut costs and boost yields. To leverage a return on investment, growers must of course minimise the cost per tonne produced and one such way of doing this is to maximise crop yield. But obviously, according to BASF’s Scottish agronomy manager, Dudley Kitching, there is no ‘silver bullet’ to achieve increased yield. It’s paying attention to the detail and making small adjustments and making sure that everything is done as well as it can be that makes the difference. He goes on to say that “yield potential is at its highest when the seed is still in the bag, so growers need to do all they can to minimise the losses that occur when the crop is growing”.

Meanwhile, again reported by the Aberdeen Press and Journal, Ireland’s largest broccoli grower is enjoying high yields, combined with lower expenditure on fertiliser, thanks to the adoption of precision fertiliser application techniques. The business, which grows around 60 per cent of Ireland’s broccoli output uses variable rate spreading maps for applying its fertiliser, resulting in savings in, not only fertiliser, but a more uniform crop as a result bringing better yield rates.

Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser ensure that precious fertiliser is kept securely, preventing waste. With storage tank volumes available up to 30,000 litres, farmers can also benefit from bulk buying fertiliser and save labour by storing pre-mixed fertilizer in optimum conditions. More on liquid fertiliser tanks here!

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