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Addfield Assists Pet Cremation Companies


Addfield are APPCC approved suppliers, which ensures that anyone buying our Pet Cremation machines are assured that they are fully equipped with the highest quality machinery and additions. We pride ourselves on having a premium quality and service status that has been developed throughout over 35 years of experience and employed industry experts. Our customers have the choice of a:

  • Single chamber PET200 or the double chamber SB-AB for pet cremation
  • Large TB or larger TB-AB for horse cremation
  • De-ashing tools such as an ash rake and box
  • Cremulator to the bones into a refined ash

Considering that human cremation implies one body at a time, this is also to be expected for customers pets. Being aware of the differences between cremation types is vital. The following list shows what the standard options usually are:

  • Individual cremation – the only way to guarantee that the ashes are not contaminated – all belongings should be returned to the owner
  • Communal cremation – several pets  are cremated together and buried or scattered in a licensed garden
  • Mass cremation – mass incineration at a waste disposal site

Our FAQ’s page holds a wealth of information regarding advice on which cremator is best to use, UK applications and permits links, how to search for relevant competition and think about your business model, and much more.

We can assist in filling out relevant paperwork, advise on good sites and locations to set yourselves up, we commission the cremator and train all personnel who will be using it within your business, so the cremation process will be a smooth one for your customers.

Our cremators can be designed specifically to meet your needs, with front loading doors for individual cremations, top loading doors for mass cremations, and we also provide extra instruments such as our cremulator and de-ashing tools.

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