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Advanced Ecological Solutions in Water Treatment & Soil Conditioning


Source: Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.

Phyto-Catalyst® is built upon the powerful bio-catalytic capabilities of the BOC composition formulas.  The BOC products are based on a specially designed fermentation supernatant, derived from plants and minerals, which is then blended with surface modifying compounds, into a very powerful liquid concentrate.

  • Improves microbiological conditions in soil. 
  • Keeps water lines and emitters free flowing, dissolves biological film growth and mineralization. 
  • Improves water percolation, root growth, and optimizing nutrient uptake to the plant.
  • Generate higher yields through improved water and nutrient uptake of plant.
  • Provides ecological remediation of blights and insect infestations.

How does it work?

The breakdown of biological film growth and mineralization formation offers further benefits to irrigation and hydroponic type systems. It also enhances multi cellular growth that allows for strong and compact plants that leads to dense cellular growth that increases weight and size equally.

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