After The National Day Of China, Is The Price Of Stainless Steel Pipes Rising?

Source: Kaysuns

In accordance with established practice, LME is mainly floating red during the National Day of the year, and this year is no exception: on September 30, LME closed at $17,120; on October 4, LME closed at $17,720. LME opened at $17,770 yesterday (Monday), and has been running above 17725 at the time of publication. The value of the LME rose by more than 600.

Yesterday was the last day of the National Day holiday. When too many people fell into the worry of “insufficient holiday balance”, the merchants who returned to the market in Foshan’s stainless steel market in advance could not bear the “price increase” joy:

'Starting work yesterday, the price is better than before the holiday, the transaction is also better, the reason is not to mention, the demand is the factory replenishment, the supply is part of the steel mill agent is still not so big in the holiday competition.' Cold rolling traders said.

Yesterday's 15350 (Hongwang) transaction was quite good, and later transferred to 15400, today it is 15450, but this price is still waiting to wait, waiting for customers to accept. ”

The price increase of raw materials will affect the price of stainless steel pipes in the near future, but as a stainless steel pipe fittings supplier, kaysuns will provide customers with quality products and the most reasonable price.