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Agritechnica 2013


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Agritechnica 2013 will take place from 10 to 16 November 2013 at the Exhibition Grounds Hanover. As one of the most important international trade fair for agricultural technology it offers the world of technology for the professional production plants to the visitors.

Sensors for agricultural and off-road vehicles.

Agricultural and off-road vehicles operate in harsh and demanding environments.

AB Elektroniks design and build rugged, precision sensors that can cope with these extreme engineering challenges.

Our range of technologies enables us to cover the widest gamut of applications, including measurement or detection of speed, position, temperature, pressure, proximity, and flow - to name just a few.

Our sensors offer enhanced energy management and safety features, resulting in more efficient, secure and economical vehicles.

For further information on our wide range of sensors, please contact our Agricultural & Off-road Specialist.

Come and see the exciting range of technologies we have to offer at Agritechnica 2013.

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