Agritechnica 2015: Advanced solutions on the preservation of resources and the environment on show at Systems & Components


Climate change mitigation is clearly about the reduction of emissions. Germany is implementing the G7 resolutions by pursuing a national dialogue on a climate change mitigation plan 2050 which will entail extensive changes for the agricultural industry as well. For the industry to apply new technologies as future-proof solutions the scientific community, manufacturers and farmers will have to cooperate very closely. And indeed, the suppliers’ industry is presenting exceptionally innovative solutions at the Systems & Components forum.

Systems & Components

This international platform for mobile applications is held from 10 to 14 November 2015 (preview days on 8 and 9 Nov) at Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment in Hanover. This fair within the fair appeals to trade visitors from all walks of the agricultural industry – scientists, developers, purchasers, manufacturers and dealers – and also extends to related fields such as construction, mining, road construction and earth moving. Presenting a special programme and activities on the topic of ‘Future Farming’, System & Components offers dedicated pathways, a forum and a special show. Featuring special visual effects and themes, the pathways will guide the visitors through the individual aspects of the topic: efficiency, dependability, ergonomics/safety and environmental protection.

A printed guide will be available to introduce the individual exhibits and exhibitors. The ‘Environmental impact/footprint’ pathway deals with the preservation of resources and the environment. Here, everything revolves around systems, modules and components and the impact they make and the solutions they can offer. Exploring all key assemblies that make up a machine - engine, hydraulics, axles, transmission, the cab, electronic systems, and software applications – the Systems & Components platform presents environmentally viable solutions developed by manufacturers such as Carraro, Claas, Comer, Danfoss, Fluidesign, Fluitronics, GKN, Kramp, Liebherr, Sauer Bibus and Thermamax.

Preservation of resources and the environment

Faced with ever tightening emission limits, manufacturers and suppliers have to investigate into more fuel efficient combustion processes and ways of reducing emission levels. Compliance with the latest emission standards not only asks for the use of proper fuels and fluids but also for a new approach to exhaust gas treatment.

In close cooperation with leading farm machinery manufacturers, Thermamax developed a new high-temperature insolation system for hot gas components. Made from stainless steel and fibres that have damping properties and precision-fit with hemmed edges, the system matches even very complex geometries. It maintains the temperature at optimum levels in all critical areas of the machine. Not only does it reduce the temperature inside the engine compartment and protect sensitive components from heating but maintains the system temperature and enhances the efficiency of the turbocharger, the particulate filter and catalysts as well as of SCR-hydrolysis systems. At the same time, it reduces the use of fluids and offers great durability, fire protection and high mechanical strength.

Soil protection translates into higher yields and protecting our soils form excessive compaction helps reduce tillage works in the following season.

Terra Trac is a well-proven running gear by Claas which has now received an update. Offering a width of up to 90cm, these tracks reduce compaction by as much as about 66 percent and improve traction by about 25 percent in hilly and sloping land as well as in wet conditions including rice fields. The running gear offers a substantially lower rolling resistance, wheel slip and a much better fuel economy. All Terra Trac drive wheels, idler wheels and support wheels benefit from individual suspension that reduces the shock loads to the body and chassis and courtesy of auto levelling improves operator comfort and machine stability when travelling around bends. 

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