Airborne precision fertiliser application project promising



Providing liquid fertiliser tanks to the agricultural industry means that we like to keep our ear to the ground when it comes to technological and application developments and this week’s news is no exception.

Massey University in New Zealand is conducting pioneering work which sees software and GPS technology send information from the ground to a hopper which opens automatically from the air, ensuring the right amount of fertiliser is spread over the correct and needy part of the land, allowing the pilot of the fertilising plane to fly with all of his or her attention.

To test the technology, half-metre cones were spread out over several paddocks which caught the falling liquid fertiliser. So far, the results seem accurate and the project could prove most useful for farming, especially in the wake of more stringent monitoring and controlling of fertilsiers and other agricultural chemicals making their way into the nation’s waterways. This approach could indeed involve programming areas, such as waterways, where liquid fertiliser application should be minimised or even kept to zero.

Although UK farmers very rarely tend to use aviation as a method of liquid fertiliser application, as per the project, this technology could be applied to ground-based application and spraying in the future.

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