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Algae Biofuel Biology Science Education System launched


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Algae Biofuel Biology Made Easy to Engineer
JAN 20, 2013 --  

Biodiesel Business Academy (BBA) has launched Algae Biofuel Biology Science Education System as a part of its campus biofuel initiative for serving schools, colleges and universities, as well as developing world applications. The Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP) is a bioenergy crop research and development company and has highest priority to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society through social, economic and environmental development. To serve as Global Knowledge Platform for Sustainable Solutions for nonfood oil -based Biofuels, Biodiesel Business Academy© has been established We at CJP have been working on low cost production of algae biomass to make low cost biofuel and got specialization in small scale algae biofuel demonstrations. Presently we are working on a unique model to produce microalgae in a sustainable way Microalgae biomass cultivation for biofuel is receiving a great deal of attention as a potential source of third generation biofuels, for several reasons. They can be cultivated on non-agricultural land, with many species growing in brackish or salt water. Many researchers consider that the productivity of microalgae could be greater than that of terrestrial crops and the lipid content can be high at over 70 % Algal biofuels have the potential to contribute to improving the sustainability of the transportation sector, but the potential is not yet realized. Additional innovations that require research and development are needed to realize the full potential of algal biofuels. It is expected that modern biotechnology tools for strain improvement including genetic engineering technologies will offer a solution for fast growing through engineering oil rich algal strains that can thrive in a range of climate conditions. The students now have the opportunity to grow and harvest Algae in a easy to understand manner. The lab scale Algae Education System developed by BBA scientists and education professionals is an engaging way for science classes to apply the basic of Biology and principles of science. It is also a great way to introduce Algae Biomass Production — through small Algae Photo bioreactor — to students through hands-on experiments that take complex scientific processes and break them down into easy to understand lessons. The System helps illustrate real-world Algae from basics to biodiesel technology to students as well as the growing importance of the alternative fuel industry

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