Source: Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd.

The EBS filter line now includes an EBS 15,000 on-line and in-line version.  Also, now an in-line version of the original EBS 10,000 is available.

This automatic filter series is designed to work with various types of screens, is available in 8” to 24” inlet/outlet diameters, and has an electric motor driven self-cleaning mechanism.

The EBS 15,000 screen is taller and wider allowing for more filtering surface area.  Its main advantage is head loss reduction.  EBS 15,000 in-line version, like the Mega EBS, has structural supports.

  • EBS Filter Series Features
  • Self-Cleaning, Automatic Filtration Systems for Flow Rates up to 23,350 gpm
  • Fine Filtration Degrees:  800 to 10 micron
  • Large Filtration Area of up to 6,200”2
  • Minimum water waste during flushing – less than 1 percent
  • Two cleaning methods – brushes or scanners

Typical Applications

  • Seawater filtration
  • Pre-filtration for ultra filtration and reverse osmosis
  • Pre-filtration of drinking water treatment
  • Protection against Zebra mussel infestation
  • Cooling water in high buildings and industry
  • Polishing effluent water in paper mills
  • Filtration for drip irrigation
  • Municipal drinking water supply
  • Supply water for various industries
  • Filtering surface water for citrus groves
  • Golf course irrigation

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