An Indian Summer – A Great Apple Harvest and Cone Bottom Tanks For Cider Production



Although we’ve heard it all before, this year, we might just be in for that ‘Indian Summer’ we get promised almost every year. A hot summer was predicted and did indeed happen and, according to the Daily Mail, temperatures will be higher than average for the next three months. Forecasters are predicting an Indian summer throughout September and October. Dry and brighter conditions will push across the country this week, with highs over the next few days. And forecasters say that by the end of this week, temperatures could be as high as 25 degrees centigrade.

For farming, this news is welcomed with respect to the outstanding harvesting, as dry conditions are essential for the harvesting of grains and subsequent bailing. Most apple growers throughout the country reported that the apple harvest started three weeks early, with an excellent crop being harvested. Varieties including Discovery have already started to reach the UK’s supermarket shelves, with apples being crunchy and with plenty of taste and of a good size. That’s great news for cider makers!

From the UK’s big cider brands, down to small production brands, cone bottom tanks, or conical tanks enable the production of this increasingly popular tipple. Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks are made from hardy uv-stabilised polyethylene that keeps cider, as well as many other liquids, at optimum condition. Available in a number of capacities to suit most production outfits, the conical design allows for sediment to sink to the bottom where it can be drained out.

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