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April Flowers Bring May Birds – Protect Seeds Early


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The springtime is full of new life and regrowth, especially in the form of garden planting and crop harvesting. Unfortunately, spring garden planting is extremely enticing to pest birds and other animals that are in search of a reliable food source after a long winter. Read on to learn how you can protect seeds and buds from birds this spring!

Use Bird Netting to Keep Pest Birds Out

One of the simplest ways to keep pest birds from eating or pecking at your seeds is with bird netting. Bird netting can be draped around plants or bushes or even over a wooden frame to prevent birds from getting near growing seedlings. It is always important, however, to routinely check bird netting to make sure birds or other small animals haven’t become caught or snagged in the material.

Try Noise-Making Devices to Frighten Birds Away

A tried and true way of keeping birds out of your garden is with scare tactics and noise-making devices. There are many varieties of noise-making devices, but the most popular ones involve predatory animal calls and high-frequency sound waves that startle birds. Noise-making devices can be effective bird repellents for a short period of time, but birds may get used to them and no longer become frightened by predatory calls. Additionally, some noise-making devices can be disruptive to people in the immediate area.

Install Scarecrows and Decoys to Repel Bothersome Birds

Scarecrows and decoys are effective ways to keep birds out of your garden and away from seeds, ensuring that your harvest isn’t disrupted later in the spring and early summer. Scarecrows often come in the form of coyotes, raccoons, foxes and other natural predators of birds. Be sure to shift the placement of decoys and scarecrows every few days so that birds continue to think they are real threats and not fake ones.

Invest in Liquid Bird Repellent to Protect Seeds

Though bird netting, noise-making devices and scarecrows can provide short-term protection for seeds and plants, liquid bird repellent is the long-term bird control solution that can keep birds out of your garden for good. There are many benefits to investing in a liquid bird repellent, including:

  • No visible residue or byproducts
  • No harm to animals, birds or humans
  • No disruption to guests or loved ones
  • No messy cleanup or entanglements

Let Avian Control Protect Spring Seedlings All Season Long!

If you’re looking for an effective, long-term solution for pest birds invading your garden, try Avian Control liquid bird repellent. Our proven formula helps repel birds for up to two weeks or more per application, all without any visible residue or harsh chemicals. Contact us at 888-366-0709 to order your preferred size of Avian Control, today!

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