Asda The Latest Supermarket to Pay Dairy Farmers More



Following recent news that Morrison’s will be creating a distinct new milk brand which sees more money paid to dairy farmers, Asda is the latest UK supermarket to react to widespread pressure from the public to provide a fairer deal for dairy producers.

According to The Guardian, as fresh milk sales are set to reach their lowest level by value in 8 years, the country’s third-largest grocer announced that it will be increasing the supplier price to a level that the company states will “assist farmers”. The company will commit to paying 28p per litre for 100 per cent of its liquid milk volume throughout its entire range, which is ahead of the average price being paid to farmers of 23.66p per litre.

Additionally, dairy farmers will hold further talks with Morrison’s this week in a further attempt to resolve their crisis, something that has prompted a number of direct protests against supermarkets by farmers. The NFU has warned that dairy farmers are facing a state of emergency after the price they are paid for milk has fallen by a quarter over the past year, taking it below the cost of production.

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