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ASTM publishes new volume of publication on pesticide formulations and delivery systems


Source: ASTM International

STP 1520, “Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems: 29th Volume, Application of Formulation and Adjuvant Technology,” is now available from ASTM International. The newest volume in this continuing series provides the latest advances in crop protection technologies and the latest updates on regulatory issues related to the use of pesticides and drift reduction technology.

The 29th volume includes 13 peer-reviewed papers that are divided into three sections:

Adjuvant Technology discusses how adjuvants impact coverage in low volume aerial applications and spray particle size and distribution as affected by various application parameters.

Formulation Technology presents information on alternative solvents and affect of chelating agents on the stabilization of formulations; stabilization of suspension concentrates by double-comb polymers; effect of processing shear time on EW formulations; and antifoaming and defoaming in spray tank mixes.

Drift Reduction Technology covers information on the drift reduction technology program and using metal cations as tracers for spray deposits.

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