Aura Sustainability announces launch of barefootTM for Australasian Wine Producers


Source: Aura Sustainability

New Zealand based wine industry sustainability solutions provider, Aura Sustainability, has announced the launch of its barefootTM programme into Australia. barefootTM is a packaged solution that assists wineries in calculating the lifecycle carbon emissions of their wine products that is now offered in Australia as well as New Zealand.

The solution focuses on the developing concept of product carbon footprinting with a focus on delivering a measurement that can be certified under the Carbon Reduction Label that has been developed by The Carbon Trust in the UK and is currently being rolled out under license in Australia by Planet Arc.

The Carbon Reduction Label is currently one of the most recognised GHG endorsements in the world with it being used by global retailers such as Tesco and by producers such as Coca-Cola and Pepsico. Recently Tesco put the label on all its own label milk products (excluding organic) meaning that many households around the UK now have the label in front of them at breakfast every morning. Tesco has also pledged to have 500 products footprinted by the end of 2009.

As one of Australasia’s premier wine consultancies Aura Sustainability has been working with The Carbon Trust and wine producers in New Zealand. It has undertaken a number of lifecycle wine assessments in preparation for certification under the Carbon Reduction Label.

Roger Kerrison, Principal of Aura Sustainability has been heavily involved in wine carbon footprinting over the last 5 years and was previously the Sustainability Manager at Grove Mill Wines, the world’s first carbon neutral winery said:

“Product carbon footprinting is a fast approaching compliance issue, it has the support of some of the world’s largest retailers and the US Climate Bill includes provision for $375m over 15 years for the development of labelling programme. There is also an ISO standard in production that will deal with the measurement of greenhouse gases embodied in consumer products. It’s going mainstream.”

He added: “It is a pretty specialist area and not many companies are going to be able to justify an internal resource for such projects. Therefore we have developed the barefootTM tools and models to allow us to project manage beverage assessments in a timely and cost effect manner for internal review or for external certification. It’s a realistic alternative option for those companies who don’t wish to purchase carbon credits, but still want a widely recognised logo on their products. The early adopter status is still available for whichever producers wish to grasp it.”

For more information on barefootTM and Aura Sustainability:

About Aura Sustainability
Aura Sustainability was launched in early 2008 by Roger Kerrison and David Pearce building on the experience its directors had garnered through their involvement in wine industry sustainability at Grove Mill Wines. Their highlights in the area of carbon measurement and sustainability in wine is as follows:

  • Sustainability project leaders for world’s first carbon neutral winery and carbon measurement consultants at Grove Mil Wines.
  • Product carbon measurement consultants for pioneering New Zealand winery Yealands Estate.
  • Product carbon measurement consultants for Highfield Estate makers of Tesco Finest Marlborough Range.
  • Convenors of 2010 AWITC Conference Seminar on Carbon Footprinting alongside Provisor.
  • MAF GHG Wine Project and design of product category rules for wine.
  • Conference Speakers : Bragato, AWITC Adelaide, South Australian Wine Industry Environmental Conference, Hawkes Bay Focus Vineyard, Oregon Wine Symposium, New Zealand Carbon Accounting Masterclass.

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