B Series Cutter Blade Feature


Source: BBA Pumps

The B-series self priming pumps have been used for dozens of years, and in many different application areas. A popular option for this series is the cutter blade. For a low additional fee, we deliver the B pump with a stainless steel wear plate and cutter blade.

This is an ideal solution for use on board ships or super yachts to pump faeces and waste materials. In the agricultural and industrial sectors cutter blades are mostly used if the pumps are used as manure- or sludge pumps.

Advantages cutter blades:

  • Minimal chance of blockages /obstructions
  • Reduction in labour cost (less cleaning)
  • Cutter blade option has practically no effect on the pumping efficiency

For more information, please contact your local BBA sales representative or contact our head-office in the Netherlands.

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