Background: Agriculture and Fisheries Council, Brussels, 23 September 2013


Source: European Commission

Brussels, -- The Council meeting will address agricultural matters; it will start at 10.00 on Monday 23 September 2013. The Council will be chaired by Mr Vigilijus JUK$A, Minister for Agriculture.

As regards agriculture, there will be a public debate on the state of play on the common agricultural policy (CAP) reform package after a political agreement was reached with the other EU institutions on the proposals for the direct payments regulation, the single common market organisation (CMO) regulation, the rural development regulation and the horizontal regulation.

Finally, ministers will be briefed on the new EU Forest Strategy, international agricultural trade issues, the 33rd conference of directors of EU paying agencies, a congress on organic agriculture, a conference on the production of protein crops, African swine fever and the Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES).

Ministers will have a working lunch on the theme: 'Challenges ahead for the EU agricultural sector'

A press conference will take place at the end of the meeting (+/- 13.30).

The public events and the press conferences can be followed by video streaming:

Video coverage of the event will be available for preview and download in broadcast quality (MPEG4) on


Reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP)
The Council will hold a public debate on the state of play of the CAP reform after a political agreement was reached in June with the European Parliament and the Commission on the whole CAP reform package.

For the European Parliament some outstanding issues linked to the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020 such as degressivity of the direct payments, flexibility between pillars and the rural development co-financing rates are not part of the political agreement on the CAP reform package.

The Presidency will report to the Council on its participation in a trilogue meeting where the Parliament explained its position. The ministers will then debate the next steps towards finalisation and adoption of the CAP reform package.

The CAP reform package consists of four main texts :

  • the proposal for a regulation establishing rules for direct payments to farmers (direct payments regulation) (13294/13). The direct payment regulation seeks to better target support for specific actions, areas or beneficiaries, as well as to pave the way for convergence of the support level within and across member states;
  • the proposal for a regulation establishing a common organisation of the markets in agricultural products (13369/13). The single common market organisation (CMO) regulation aims to streamline, expand and simplify the current provisions on public intervention, private storage, exceptional or emergency measures and aid to specific sectors, as well as to facilitate cooperation through producer and interbranch organisations;
  • the proposal for a regulation on support for rural development (rural development regulation) (13349/13). The rural development regulation covers voluntary measures for rural development, adapted to national and regional specificities, whereby member states draw up and co-finance multiannual programmes under a common framework in cooperation with the EU;
  • the proposal for a regulation on the financing, management and monitoring of the CAP (horizontal regulation) (13387/13). The horizontal regulation lays down rules concerning expenditure, the farm advisory system, the management and control systems to be put in place by member states, the cross-compliance system and the clearance of accounts.

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