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Beta release of the PON tracker


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The PON15 Tracker has now been released in beta version.

There have been several new features implemented in the last few weeks. A lot of time has been spent on testing and tuning the tracker. Some of the newly released features:

  • Customer data have been migrated to the new PON Tracker. The two PON Trackers will run in parallel for a few weeks before we turn of the old. Please note that the data in the new PON Tracker will be flushed and remigrated a few more times before final release.
  • An info page have been developed to ease the use of the PON 15 Tracker. This page will display information like:
    • Listing of all sub pages per category
    • First and last entry on each page
    • Number of entries on a page
    • Colouring of the lines based on the filter settings
    • Direct link to the sub pages
    • Editing of the pages (e.g. active data columns, names, etc)
  • Tuning and design improvements on the PON Tracker:
    • Page loading info added
    • Calculated balance column added
    • Units added to the log table
    • The permits are now filtered based on operational group
    • Data validation implemented in pop-up dialog for Tab configuration
    • Chemical usage: Chemical list filtered on the permit
    • Friendly error messages have been implemented
    • Chemical now sorted descending on date
    • Sorting implemented on all columns
    • Copy all and export to excel have been implemented
    • Inner window in dialogs will now resize with the dialog
    • Chemical name and supplier split into two columns when copying or exporting to Excel
    • The order in the dropdown for 'Well Section' has been reversed
    • Default time is set to start of day for the relevant field
    • Mark all feature implementedNew defaults implemented on the PON Reports
    • Information on the PON Report has been updated to reflect the information provided from the UK Oil Portal
  • Dialog for the permit details have been finished. The details dialog contains 4 tabs/pages:
    • Total chemical list. This is the complete list with the aggregated use and discharge amounts.
    • Annual Chemical List. The PON15Ds are provided per year. This is presented per year. The table is sortable on all columns
    • The source XML as provided by the UK Oil Portal is presented.
    • Retrieval details. This pages provides information on the who, when and wheres about the import from the Oil Portal

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