Bio-QZ processes cow manure for anaerobic digestion


Source: ANDRITZ MeWa GmbH

The community of Sand in Taufers in the Italian South Tyrol has set itself the target of eliminating the CO2 emissions of its population. A decisive role in achieving that aim plays a AD plant on cooperative basis. The used cow dung as substrate is pre-treated by the MeWa QZ.

Sand in Taufers and its 5,300 inhabitants are forging ambitious plans. Local government and citizens are collectively engaging in numerous projects aimed at permanently reducing the carbon footprint of their community. They rely on energy-efficient structures and buildings and consistent use of renewable energy. The village now employs the entire spectrum of alternative energy sources to provide eco-friendly electricity and heat. A wind turbine has been erected as well as several photovoltaic solar arrays, hydro-electric plants and a biomass district heating plant that runs on locally sourced wood.

Very early on, the local farmers joined together to set up a biogas plant that produces 910 kW of electrical energy. When first completed in 2002, it was the first co-operatively organised biogas plant in South Tyrol. The 50 or more farmers involved run the plant almost entirely on cow manure and slurry from their own herds.

Now the plant has been modernized and substantially extended. To be able to condition the manure better for fermentation, a MeWa Querstromzerspaner (Bio-QZ) has been integrated in the process. From now on, Paul Prenn, managing director of the Genossenschaft Biowatt Taufers cooperative will feed around 70 tonnes per day of the demanding substrate into the digesters.

With the aid of the Bio-QZ, a compatible infeedsystem, a new generator and another digester, the co-operative can produce an extra 999 kWh of electricity and 600 kWh of heat. That energy is either fed into the electrical power grid or supplied to the local district heating plant respectively.

In that way, the methane-rich animal manure is converted into green energy and the community of Sand in Taufers in the heart of the Italian Alps has taken a large stride towards becoming „an exemplary CO2-free energy community“.

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