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Biodiesel Business Academy demonstrates Jojoba Gains in Desert Land Farming


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from Desert to Oasis

March 26, 2013 -- Jojoba farming gains have been made in the fight against desertification, demonstrating that the dry lands can grow beyond crisis, suffering and insecurity towards a prosperous, secure future through innovations by land users aided by policy reforms and applied science and development.

Jojoba ( Simmondsia chinensis), is a medicinal and oil-yielding, multi-purpose species of the family Simmondsiaceae. The most valuable product of jojoba seed is the liquid wax or jojoba oil which is used extensively in the cosmetic and bio-fuel industry. Jojoba has demonstrated a favorable response to many of the practices and techniques currently used in agriculture, but research is needed to understand its unique properties that can be manipulated to coax the crop to reach its fullest potential. Among agronomic questions that cannot be readily answered with assurance are:

What plant spacing is best?
· What ratio of females to males is best?
· When is the best time to irrigate, and how much should be applied?
· What is the best method to control weeds?
· What are jojoba's fertilization requirements?
· When is the best time to prune? How little, how much, and what part of the plant to prune?
· What criterion should be the basis for selecting superior plants?
· What is the best way to harvest?

.What is the relationship between a superior plant at a young age and long-term performance?

All these questions point to valuable areas for research and testing on which CJP scientists are working and so just to answers to above, with Biotechnological, horticultural and agronomical advancements in Jojoba Farming and oil industry , a 2 Day Jojoba State of Art International Workshop “GLOBAL JOJOBAWORLD 2013” is organized on 30 & 31, 2013 at Jaipur India

The Global JOJOBAWORLD 2013 would be of interest to anyone in the Jojoba crop development process, but is specially targeted at those who are close to the full commercialization stage. Jojoba World India 13 shall Highlights the updated research and technology; Experts will meet to reveal the latest developments in Jojoba research, the newest agricultural, horticultural, harvesting and modification techniques, and tell how the process can be scaled up. It will provide an excellent opportunity to the investors, entrepreneurs, renewable fuel experts, their associates and academia to share their experiences and knowledge on Jojoba. It will give them an excellent opportunity to know more about the latest research and developments in production .The Programme would cover all the topics related to Jojoba Industry with Plantation visit

We take this opportunity to cordially invite you to participate in this International workshop by registering as soon as possible

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