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Biodiesel Business Academy Offers Improved version of Nonfood Energy Crops Starter Kits


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Biodiesel Agricultural Biology Made Easy to Engineer

December 29, 2013 -- CJP , the Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel ‘s new Nonfood Biodiesel crops like algae, castor, moringa, pongamia, jojoba, simarouba, Mahua, flax, kenaf, Calophyllum etc. are poised for commercialization as the newest, greatest biodiesel feedstock as these crops can produce the greatest amount of feedstock for the lowest input and cost. Good scientific research done by CJP’s scientists has shown that how oilseed crops grow best across different soil conditions and climates, and how they fit into existing production systems determining what consequences might result from growing these crops in terms of sustainability.

The Nonfood energy crops not only produce Biodiesel but also hold particular promise for improving local economies and environments. Nonfood energy crops can be integrated into the farming systems of smallholders and subsistence farmers on marginal land boundaries and in other under-utilized spaces delivering a cash crop opportunity to rural communities. It holds enormous potential for farmers in the near future—especially for the two-thirds of the people in the developing world who derive their incomes from agriculture. Farmers that produce dedicated energy crops can grow their incomes and grow their own supply of affordable and reliable energy.

Having specialized in all fields of Nonfood energy crops Production related Technologies, Biodiesel Business Academy (BBA), an arm of CJP has specifically developed and designed a unique kit for Nonfood energy crops plantation and crop care for 1 hectare called: “Nonfood energy crops Agri- Extension” Kit”– a key to your fuel farm ' just enable & encourage the farmers/ new growers to start the Nonfood energy crops crop cultivation in a right and prefect manner by adopting the concept of “sustainable agriculture”.  

“Nonfood energy crops Agri- Extension” Kit

(For one hectare)

…. An Excellent & true system for propagation”

The BBA’s Agri-Extension Kit is designed to deliver to rural farmers and farming communities an excellent opportunity to become a primary part of the Farmer-Fuels industry, in the tropical and sub tropical regions of the world including India, SE Asia, Africa, South America and China.


The Contents

The contents of agricultural extension kits are engineered to provide a one hectare “Failsafe” Fuel Farm. The BBA’s kit contains proprietary seeds of high quality; Growing media -a proprietary mixture; A proprietary plant protection emulsion and easy- to- follow growing and crop care instructions manual and a very typical monitoring and management diary etc. The system is fully integrated ensuring that there are multiple economic impacts from the extension of Nonfood energy crops having its own uniqueness as summarized below:

Nonfood energy crops Class 1 Seeds (Jatropha, Pongamia, Moringa, Castor, Simarouba,Jojoba)

10 Kg Premium Growing Media

500 ml Prevent Biological Measure

Plant Information, Growing & Care Instructions...Manual

Plantation Monitoring & Management System… Diary with detailed recording keeping charts for pre/post crop care & plantation activities.

Considering the tremendous response received worldwide from new growers for kit purchase We have further designed the kit in two sizes

Standard Kit: contains all items from (1) to (5)

Plus KIT: contains all items except (2) and (3)



A very unique system for the new growers to experiment with result

The 1 hectare agricultural extension kit will produce primary products of >2-8 tons of seed as per crop chosen  

The first processed product will include 1-5tons of seed cake, 1-2.8 tons of vegetable oil and 0.2 tons of residual

The second processed product will include 1-3000 liters of Biodiesel per hectare, glycerol, bio-organic fertilizer and bio-pesticide.

For business enquiry and to discuss delivery terms and conditions please mail to


Biodiesel Business Academy



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