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Harvest Nonfood Biodiesel crops 2013

April 16, 2013 -- We profoundly declare that we are expected to receive the first signs of next harvest of our various High value Nonfood Oil Crop seeds as temperatures start to warm-up. However, crops are well behind the normal for this time of year –Hopefully the warmer weather will encourage plant growth but as times progress, yield potential, on what crop is growing, will come under increased scrutiny.

Castor Cultivation Seeds

Fresh stock of HYBRID VARIETIES has reached

Stock: 9000 kilogram      Book your order JUST Now

Pongamia Pinnata Plantation Seeds

DI 03 HYV Variety shall be available by June, 2013

Expected stock: 12ton     Book your order JUST Now


FLAX Cultivation Seeds

JUST HARVESTED FRESH Stock: 7 ton OF HYV F03 VARIETIES reached.Book your order JUST Now

Moringa Cultivation Seeds

Fresh stock of HYV 3 Varieties harvested and available

Moringa common seeds (selected)

Moringa PKM 1 seeds (superior genotype)

Maru-Moringa M03 seeds (low input and high yielding with 2 harvests perennial)

FRESH Stock: 17, 5 & 3 ton     Book your order JUST Now


Simarouba glauca

Harvest of fresh seeds going on  


Expected arrival of new seeds: July 2013

Advance booking is going on      Book your order JUST Now


MAHUA: Madhuca longifolia

Expected arrival of new seeds: June2013

Advance booking is going on      Book your order JUST Now


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