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BiOWiSH™-Crop receives Organic Certification


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July 13, 2011 --

July 13, 2011 

For Immediate Release

CHICAGO, IL - The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has issued a certification approving BiOWiSH™-Crop as an organic material. The certification allows organic farmers throughout the United States to use BiOWiSH-Crop™ as a fertilizer and soil amendment on all crop types.

'This certification is fantastic news for both BiOWiSH Technologies and for farmers looking for an all-natural way to improve crop yields,' said BiOWiSH Technologies Senior Executive Vice President of Agronomy, Bill Diederich.

BiOWiSH-Crop is an organic fertilizer that stimulates microbial activity in the soil, helping to increase micronutrient uptake in plants and improve plant vigor.

'BiOWiSH™-Crop is effective in a wide range of conditions supplementing both organic and traditional farming methods. When comparing the cost of BiOWiSH™-Crop to the benefits it provides, the value proposition is easliy recognized.' Diederich said.

The WSDA Organic Food Program protects consumers and supports the organic food industry, according to the department's website, by ensuring the integrity of organic food products through establishing organic standards and certifying organic producers, processors, and handlers. The certification means BiOWiSH™-Crop is produced without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), ionizing radiation, sewage sludge or other excluded methods.

BiOWiSH™-Crop is also helpful to traditional farmers looking to reduce their use of non-organic materials to better comply with current EPA regulations requiring reductions in nitrogen and phosphorus loading.

The result of over 18 years of research and development, BiOWiSH™ technology is a powerful composite biocatalyst that speeds up biochemical reactions at a rate faster than unaided processes or current technologies. 100% natural and non-toxic, BiOWiSH™ is safe for everyday use in a very diverse range of consumer and industrial applications.

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BiOWiSH Technologies owns exclusive and global intellectual property rights to the development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of BiOWiSH™. Based in Chicago, IL the company has international offices in Sydney, Australia and Bangkok, Thailand. BiOWiSH Technologies has created innovative products to serve needs in the consumer, wastewater treatment, agriculture, aquaculture, agronomy, solid waste management, soil and water remediation and industrial cleaning industries.

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