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BiOWiSH™ reduces sludge and odor at Texas dairy


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June 30, 2011 -- June 30, 2011

For Immediate Release

CHICAGO, IL - BiOWiSH™ Manure & Odor Treatment (Beef & Dairy) reduced sludge and odor during a recent case study at a Texas dairy farm. The owner of Wilhelmus Dairy began using the treatment because of concerns about odor and sludge content in the farm's primary lagoon.

At the time treatment began, the sludge level in the lagoon was close to capacity. After 60 days, the sludge buildup was reduced by 18% and surface crusting had been effectively degraded. After 20 weeks, nutrient loading had been reduced and the owner said the effluent was virtually odorless.

'You stuck your hand in the lagoon, you pull it out, your hand wasn't stinky at all, the smell was for sure gone,' said Wilhelmus Dairy Owner Arjen Geijsel.

BiOWiSH™ Manure and Odor Treatment (Beef & Dairy) was specifically developed to digest sludge, manage nutrient loading and reduce odor from manure lagoons. This product is particularly effective for wastewater or effluent streams with high cellulose or fiber content as produced on dairy farms and beef feedlots.

Download the full case study.

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