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Black Worm Castings/VermaPlex Can Replace Harmful Chemical Fertilizers


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Whether you have a farm or home garden, the health of the soil directly correlates to the quality of the fruit and vegetables. The healthy soil movement is centered around bringing attention to the fact that fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are killing our soil and seeping into our food supply. Our soil is depleted of essential nutrients, fungi and bacteria due to decades of agricultural abuse.

“Although the United States has some of the richest soils in the world, decades of agricultural abuse have taken their toll, depleting the dirt of essential nutrients and killing off bacteria and fungi that create organic material essential to plants.” according to Yale Environment 360. “Our mindset nowadays is that if you don’t put down fertilizer, nothing grows. But that’s just not true, and it never has been.” said U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) researcher Rick Haney

Studies are showing alarming findings, farms with less than one percent of organic material in their dirt!

“We see that when there is a lot of tillage, no cover crops, a system of high intensity [chemical-dependent] farming, that the soil just doesn’t function properly. The biology is not doing much. It’s not performing as we need it to. We are essentially destroying the functionality of soil, so that you have to feed it more and more synthetic fertilizers just to keep growing this crop.”

Bringing back soil with high organic levels is what the movement is all about. When pesticides and fungicide are applied to the soil, it kills both the essential fungi and insects as well as the bad ones.

“The biggest issue with all this is that we keep wanting to get higher and higher yields. But the reality is that you are shooting yourself in the foot doing that.”

Feeding the soil synthetic fertilizers has lasting consequences, depletion of organic matter contaminate ground water, soil compaction, and less nutritious food. Black worm castings are known to stimulate underground nutrient cycling and make organic nutrients easily available to plants, allowing to thrive!

Black worm castings and VermaPlex from Vermitechnology have the capability of replacing harmful chemical fertilizers in farms and residential gardens across the World. It has the potential of producing 40% more crops than those produced with synthetic fertilizers and it’s about 75% less expensive, while using less water for irrigation.

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