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According to the Western Morning News, dairy farmers could significantly boost their grass yields by paying closer attention to detail when applying slurry this spring.  As the closed spreading period is now over, farmers will be keen to get on spreading manure as they get a window in the weather.  By adopting a more scientific approach to manure usage, producers may be able to dramatically improve grass yields and quality.

The first advice offered is for farmers to get their slurry analysed so that they know the level of nutrients that it contains.  Given the price of fertilizer, manure is a valuable resource at the moment.  Spring application of manure increases nitrogen uptake compared to autumn application, particularly in wet seasons and on sandy soils, meaning better grass growth and less leaching.

And for when slurry levels are lower, farmers could look to make savings on liquid fertiliser through bulk buying and correct storage.  Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks are available in sizes right through to 30,000 litres, enabling farmers to store large volumes of pre-mixed fertilizer.  Made from a rugged UV stabilised polyethylene, Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks store fertiliser at optimum conditions, resulting in far less wastage.

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