Bosch Farming Robot Monitors Fertiliser and Water Usage



We have spoken many times about technological advancements in farming, from The Internet of Things, to satellite crop imaging, farming drones, to GPS automation. However, reported by Farming Life this week, Bosch is bringing us one step closer to an automated farm with their Deepfield Robotics wing. The company’s Bonirob farming robot will make plant breeding more efficient and reduce the environmental impact of crop farming!

Bonirob is roughly the size of a compact car and monitors how well crop varieties grow, whether they’re pest resistant and how much fertiliser and water they need – tasks which are currently painstakingly manual and undertaken by plant scientists in a laboratory.

As well as water and fertiliser monitoring, Bonirob can distinguish between crops and weeds based on the shape of their leaves. Weeds can be eliminated mechanically, rather than with weed killer. Unwanted plantation is simply buried into the ground by a rod.

Although Bonirob won a 2015 euRobotics Technology Transfer Award at the European Robotics Forum in Vienna this spring, it will be some years before Bosch is in a position to roll out a farm-ready version of the farming robot.

There’s no doubt that more efficient implementation of liquid fertiliser and water across farming will be hugely useful both now and in the future.

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