Bumper Apple Harvest – Conical Cone Bottom Tanks For Cider Production



The Telegraph reports that 2014 is going to produce a bumper apple crop and that’s great news for growers, cider producers and consumers alike. The combination of ample sunshine and rain means that this year’s harvest is going to provide crunchier and juicier apples and it may well be the best in living memory.

This year’s apple harvest is set to begin earlier than that of 2013, thanks to the ‘perfect conditions’ of sunshine and rain at the start of the year, producing some of the best growing conditions ever experienced. Because the fruits have been allowed to grow steadily, they will be crunchier and the ample sunshine this summer means that the apples will be sweeter and tastier, as sunshine increases the amount of carbohydrate in the apples, turning it to fruit sugar.

And sweet apples also make for very tasty cider, with more and more growers and farmers turning to making their own ciders. The Enduramaxx range of cone bottom tanks, or conical tanks, enable sediments to fall to the bottom of the cone where they can be easily drained off. The conical tanks range from 750litre capacity, right up to 30,000litre capacity and store liquids safely, thanks to the tank’s rugged single piece of rotationally-moulded polyethylene. Being UV-stabilised, cider will be stored at optimum conditions.

If you are considering beginning or expanding production of cider making, get in touch with Enduramaxx to discuss your requirements.

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