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C Express will possibly be scrapped in Turkey


Source: Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

According to the most recent plan, m/s C Express, formerly known as Casino Express or Fennia, now at anchor in Vaasa Harbour, will obviously be scrapped in Turkey. A waste transport permit is needed for removing the vessel from Finland to Turkey. The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has on 29 September received from the owner, Attar Construction Ltd, an application for waste transport permit for the vessel. 

C Express was about to leave Vaasa already last summer, but SYKE issued a transport ban to the vessel because of misgivings about illegal scrapping plans. The owner gave first a notice according to which the ship was going to be used in Far East as a casino ship. At a later stage another plan for use was presented, but the documents submitted by the owner to SYKE have so far not been convincing enough to make it possible to call off the transport ban.

Attar Construction complained about the transport ban to the Helsinki Court of Appeal, but the complaint was later withdrawn. As a consequence, the court didn’t issue a decision in the case.

Depending on the country to which waste is planned to be transported, an international waste transport case is treated according to the Basel Convention, or according to the OECD decision, or according to the EU Regulation on shipments of waste. According to these legal acts, the authorities of the sending and the receiving country must treat the application from the owner of the waste and decide whether the transport can be carried out.

When waste is transported between Finland and the OECD country Turkey, the conditions are the same as within the EU. Transport of hazardous waste from a EU country to a country outside the OECD region is not permitted. Old ships may contain substances classified as hazardous waste, such as asbestos or various kinds of oils.

The next step will be that SYKE examines the application and forwards it to the authority in Turkey. Both the Finnish and the Turkish authorities must make their decisions within 30 days from the date when the authority in Turkey by letter confirms that it has received the application.

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